Cidadelhe (Pinhel) (***)- The heel of the World is one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal

Do not know who told me that Cidadelhe was a single village. Also even before visiting the li "Journey to Portugal”, Saramago, that debits an extensive list of accolades to the site.
Numa afternoon of invernosa 2005 delivery so at your demand. The road, that part of Pinhel, is tortuous after Azevo, passed by a wide open field of granitic fragões, we know beforehand that the existence of such forces the Rock River Coa flowing in ravine, what is for us harbinger of different landscape.
And finally Chego. Deception. But then this is the "heel of the world"? An overworked Aldeia, equal to all other comezinhas!
Right there in conversation I learned that Cidadelhe divides into two, is the "People's Up", the Eiras, last, and the "Low Povo", senior.
The Hermitage of San Sebastian
The Eiras have interesting Chapel of St. Sebastian, as Alpendre, shading a provincial Mannerist painting depicting Calvary. Has within it a Patusco San Sebastian, referred by Saramago, with its huge "wags", and that is a minor composition of an image-maker of Castelo de Paiva (Mrs. Rosario sends word to Lord writer who became disgusted for having played with the saint).
It's almost raining, mas este viandante intrépido, will still look askance at the "Village Low" and now yes, stand still the frustration of coming here.
The Aldeia de Baixo
Says our Nobel, "Aldeia is all the stone. Stone houses are, stone streets. Many of these dwellings are empty, There derruídas walls. Where people lived, bravejam herbs.
The traveler marvels at some insculpidas or lintels with decorative bas-reliefs: a bird perched on a winged angel head, between two animals that can be lions, dogs or wingless griffins, a tree covering two castles, on the schematic composition analyzes and garlands ".

The humble village crystallized in time, throughout the band, abound rustic and archaeological artifacts that no longer exist in small villages and a city unversed in ruralism dares not understand and designate. This ancestor set is in a state of neglect and decline, but still has immense poetic beauty.
Are archaic rural dwellings, some round of castrejo appeal, the lofts placed strategically, the troughs (As far as I ever saw), plows, from charruas, anthropomorphic graves turned into lagaretas (a rare lageada) and serving the chickens, is the church with beautiful coffered hagiológios seventeenth century, are numerous brands of religiosity… and is the "citizen".
The purpose of this back José Saramago. "The traveler meditates on the singular love which binds a people lacked material goods as a mere stone, with talhada, gnawed by time, a crude human figure that has barely distinguish the arms, and are confused thoughts, seeing as it is so easy to understand everything if we let go by essences paths, this stone, este homem, this draconian landscape. "What is known of the history of citizen?», asked the traveler. 'Little. Found is not known when, some rocks from beyond » (gestures to the invisible river bank of the Coa)”.
I also find the "beyond"; is a rounded knoll, shorter than the "people of low". It is the "Moorish Castle". Daqui to darken slightly and drizzle, everything around me is sad, not seen a soul. It was a promise to myself to go to the "beyond".
Voltei to Cidadelhe when the village reverdescia force in the Spring.
The Aldeia de Baixo, which is inhabited is magnificent with this light, and I know the owner Laura, referred to in the book of Saramago, which happens to be my cicerone.

Moorish Castle and the Poyo the Cat
Now came the time to go to the Castle of the Moors. Eye of the hill top village out of time and I feel this affected fullness of who looks at ocean cliff. Before leaving the ladies ask me not to go, men can not be in the "Castle" at night. But I still have a couple more hours of sun, that strange fear took hold of my girlfriends?
The journey is distant to the "plus" about 15 minutes, step by a gigantic loft, deambulo among oaks, cork, holm, executioners, tomilhos, oregãos, estevas, azedas… The nature here is breathtaking in its Mediterranean biodiversity.
The plates show me the "center of the Castle", the "Hangman of Lusitanos" and the "Poyo the Cat (**)”; so here is what I drive.
Here the river Coa abysmal! I am seated before a deep valley that reaches 250 meters to pique. The "Magic River", bramidor and enraged, battle against the cyclopean granite cliffs. Santa Comba granite place of the shale and then the river of "magic stones" serene when dealing with less steep margins due to greater mildness lithological. It is one of the most impressive gorges that saw (and readers know that I am a geologist with some experience). I think, I look and do not forget. A golden griffin flies in front of me, contrasts with the gray tone granite, suddenly, gives two turns in a closed circle and disappears at Wounded Knee.
Back to back and ignoring the "Hangman of Lusitanos", embrenho me the "center of the Castle"- the experience is exceptional.
It is a rare Mediterranean grove; and the thud of my footsteps, I'm waiting to see emerge from behind a "Baroque" some Celtic druid with his magical scythe. It's a myriad of sensory details in this tunnel of vegetation. It is also a solitary journey inside me.
Stones are cushioned, Roman columns, linteus, friezes, Mills… and a clearing stumble and find my first rock engraving in a fragmented granite; anthropomorphic one with his bent bow and could be Bronze Age or Iron. I remind readers that we are in the southern end of Coa Valley Archaeological Park (*****), rated UNESCO World Heritage Site on December 1998 and I'm close to important prints and paintings of Beech that are installed on the river bottom.

The "Castro" had wall, that still exists in some sections and has been inhabited since the Bronze Age (from X to the XIII c.). Was also Romanized town and was part of the territory of the civitas of aravos (Current Marialva).
The "Moorish Castle" is a transcendent and magical place, of great archaeological wealth, landscape and natural. It is the southern entrance of the finest outdoor museum of Humanity
Similar sentiment, the type mistérico, is possible to have, for example, in St. Peter Vir-a-doe (**) in Monsanto (***).
Cidadelhe is also a World Heritage site
The engravings and cave paintings of Beech EDATE between the Paleolithic and Iron Age. These are unique in the context of the Coa Valley, once, In some cases, coexist with written reasons Paleolithic paintings in granitic support. The paintings are usually protected from the erosive agents in cavities.
Cidadelhe is important, because it was here that began the discovery of the "Sacred Valley": The engravings and paintings of Beech were first identified by Francis Sande Lemos proceeded when the environmental impact study commissioned by EDP, study that precede the construction of the hydroelectric dam to the river Coa. Following the recommendations of this study, was constituted by IPPAR Archaeological Project Coa, coordinated by Nelson slices, who came to identify the first Palaeolithic engravings of Canada do Inferno. I've been to Cidadelhe several times and was never able to visit the antique because of its inaccessibility.

Cidadelhe and the pallium Veneziano
Cidadelhe has a famous canopy, embroidered silk and gold, in typical crimson velvet Venice, which is lovingly kept in a private house, in absolute secrecy and only on Easter Sunday, during the Procession of the Blessed, can go outside. It is one of the gems of the earth; maybe I still do not deserve your contemplation, but the traveler does not grieve, because Cidadelhe has much to repair, sit down and think.
A curious legend relates that men can not be in the Moorish Castle after dark, they will be attracted to endless sensual pleasures by Moorish and disappear forever. I confess that I never ventured down the paths of Moorish castle at night because he is dead, not Vinha not Horto. Probably in this legend is reminiscent of any pagan cult.
Where can I go to the Cidadelhe, with the company to be cicerone, or alone to sit in Poio Cat, to look at that and think about the amazing landscape landmarks that shaped me and think about the billions and billions of coincidences that allow me to be here, and think of the thousands of men who inhabited this remote village in the world, from the Paleolithic to the present, their joys, pains, projects, crimes, remorse, Adventures, religions, battles, and further dialogue with suicidal sitting beside me and disappeared over the centuries here, they narrate their sorrows me and I try to decipher them how beautiful life is and that we are in hell about us.
Cidadelhe has the most beautiful antique Art rock outdoors, declared World Heritage; It is rich in archaeological castro and magical evocations; contains a whopping lookout for vertical cliffs of the river Coa; has a small rustic village, historical and literary, truly rare and immortalized by Saramago; and all this surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Unfortunately the Portuguese are rare in the know. Cidadelhe and its surroundings, is the pair of Marialva (***), Monsanto (***), Linhares da Beira (***), Sortelha (***) and Monsarraz (***), one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal. Cidadelhe is the Village of our life – taking the home, almost all visitors who discover how unique city and I accepted this gift.

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  1. Pinto Ribeiro

    Text very well prepared and which reads in one breath.
    Only met Cidadelhe courtesy of some friends of viziha parish Valbom, who invited me there to spend a week-end.
    My only regret is the text does not refer to the immense traces of the existence of a Jewish community, therefore like to know more about this ...


    Congratulations ... excellent text, captivating and realistic at the same time ... we seem to see the place without being there.
    I personally know this village, on Pinhelense, and already call for your visit, can not go wrong.
    Have traveled on foot throughout the village and its surrounding part, as well as deep inside the Coa River, September which takes little water, giving the possibility to discover the natural sculptures that are made by the water slide on river stones. Can still see some petroglyphs.
    Come see one of the wonders of the Beira Alta undoubtedly.

  3. Walter José Batista

    Dear Castile.
    I should be in between Cidadelhe 02 and 03 October near.
    I wonder if I'll find the Pole of Tourist Information open. How will I have very little time to explore the land of my mother (Rosa de Jesus Martins)who was born in Cidadelhe in April 1912 and lived there for 15 years, need to know how to get in contact with someone from the Pole diffuser Cidadelhe for more accurate information
    His work on this site is wonderful, I could learn a lot about him through Cidadelhe.
    Thank you

  4. Castile

    Amigo Walter
    Thanks for the kind words that serve as incentives to continue with this saga that is the promotion of those I consider the Remarkable Places in Portugal.
    If I can I will even serve as a guide. Because he liked to return to Cidadelhe and collect new information from the tourist information center. And also enjoyed visiting the antique / primitive paintings of Beech. Vou tb. try to know the time of the pole and then inform you.
    And good trip for our Local Notables Portugal.

  5. Nuno Soares

    Excellent disclosure! There will as soon as possible.
    A hug,



  7. Helena Aleixo

    Thank you, thank you for making known my land.
    Helena Aleixo

    1. Deena

      108Oi Paula,Very good post.De occasionally come here to visit you and see that remains true their ideas próprias. PaszGénr!braaiela MirandaModerna or Tanto Faz


      Can I simply say what a relief to find somebody who truly is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know how to carry a problem to mild and make it important. More folks need to read this and perceive this facet of the story. I cant believe youre not more common because you positively have the gift.

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      Mince j'ai oublié le plus important,qui semble n'avoir choqué personne : SIM WHY ??? Il n'a rien fait le pauvre … while Rambo, his, aurait pus s'extraire la balle tout seul même si elle était logée dans le cervelet après être entrée par le lobe frontal gauche . . .

  8. Voice Goulinho

    Thanks for letting us get to know this wonder will soon see live with this magnificent work whetted my appetite.
    Voice Goulinho
    ALA Poems
    António Assunção

  9. Mirian World

    Hello Congratulations on your excellent post on blogging Village of my life!
    The day I read, liked and wanted to comment but thought to be a website and a blog there was no comment.
    Today I'm happy to have discovered that this possibility exists.
    Thank you for your visit on my blog Coffee with Poetry, and for your kind words.
    A pleasure to meet you and learn a little of their beautiful village!

  10. Gaby

    Thank you for your visit and nice comment.
    Excellent post and excellent this space!
    It is commendable that your "work", take a seat, do with great pleasure.
    Portugal deserves to be disclosed, especially Portugal "forgotten"!!!
    Thank you!

  11. Arthur Miller's Couto

    Cidadelhe – a village of contrasts nicely characterized by a specialist, Geologist, which could also be easily revealed by a writer over descriptive narration. It seemed that I was showing a picture before my eyes.
    First, arose a feeling of sadness at leaving and desertification.
    After the hope and appreciation for the richness with which nature has endowed part of the village came. If the author NON Fosse persistent researcher and he would have abandoned the treasure that delighted, the singing of the legendary Moorish who imprisoned him and released on condition of telling the truth and only the truth visitors to your blog for them to see the hidden treasure and would give life
    the villages abandoned by their children, seems, unwilling to feel the travails of "rural". Congratulations to the merit.

  12. natalia

    I will also briefly visit, is even a corner I'll know delirious. Sometimes we go so close, but unknown, thus taking longer for, does not escape me.
    Congratulations, is excellent participation, photos are also beautiful.

  13. Teresa Diniz

    Now I started to read the texts and, do not know why, started by your. Excellent, gives eager to discover these places. I have a house relatively close and I think Cidadelhe'll be on my holiday plans.
    If all texts are as captivating as its, vai be difficult vote!

  14. Powered by Júlia

    Beautiful description of your Cidadelhe and region.
    Feel like going there now and amaze me towards this fantastic landscape Poio Cat.

  15. Elvira Oak

    Excellent text on your village do not know, but I was with immense desire to know.
    Texts like these that make known the land of Portugal. In the Sixth, I have a
    address book, "Holiday destinations" where I'll put some land that I know.
    After seeing the texts of blogging, There are at least three places where I want to go. Cidadelhe, Chacim and Ouguela.
    Three sites that seem wonderful and you never knew they existed.
    Congratulations on your posting, that is excellent.
    Best wishes and thanks for the visit

  16. Marten

    Castile, thanks for this trip!
    I really enjoyed getting to know this village, soon, would like to visit.
    Indeed, the jury of blogging will have a hard!
    The initiative is excellent!
    Hug and thanks for the words, wool down for me

  17. Natalia

    Excellent, narrative that enjoyed immense.
    But how to vote, I and my doubts beginner. I'll try again, I found a delight to re-read.


    Excellent participation in that much is learned. A themed blog unaware that an area which I really appreciate: travel and lost lands of this country; its history and traditions. Já links given.

  19. Susana Falhas

    Castile: Thank you for participating! Cidadelhe will be one of the destinations to know for the next time and if possible, I can as a guide!
    Hug, Susana Falhas

  20. Armando Sousa

    I know Cidadelhe, even consider myself a connoisseur of Portugal, “the millimeter”. Ler hair just, is unforgivable. But, as a long time been staging a raid by the land border, Village inhabited em less, stopped here… analyzed the reviews and decided to: “I want to spend a few days in Cidadelhe, writing, to talk, to feel the people”. But I'm a traveler with sui-generis characteristics: I would like to settle down at home to villagers (paying costs, as is evident), I leave here and then recorded my call, into molds and ad “curriculum” staff:

    “Man, born in the 40, born in Porto and Lisbon are residing or twenty years, married, father of two daughters licensed, well with marriage and life, want to stay at home for a family of Cidadelhe by, more or less than fifteen days, place to study and write about it. Expense of hosting for your account.”

  21. Ruben Valle Santos

    Live, Castile!
    In a word: EXELENTE!

    1. Liberty

      write:Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is valuable and all. Nevertheless just imagine if you added some great images or videos to give your posts more, &1;pop2 # 88212! Your content is excellent but with images and video clips, this blog could undeniably be one of the best in its niche. Fantastic blog!

  22. Pedro Matias

    Eu, Cidadelhe know like the back of my hand.
    Cidadelhe is the Village of my grandparents and my parents.
    Eu Pedro, Known by the grandson of my grandmother and my grandfather Alzira Albano.
    Cidadelhe espicial has much more than prints and landscape lindissóma. People there are all very special.
    I who live in Lisbon to have 11 years, I have a son with 7 years and what he loves most is to go home it was my grandparents (now my parents), for he sentesse free and healthy as ever.

    I like native son thank you for your comments, when visiting my wonderful village, do not forget that in addition to finding a beautiful landscape, will also find the peace that the financial crisis of recent times has made us miss.

  23. Jorge C. Kings

    Magnificent contribution. It's great to see so well publicized the Portuguese cultural heritage. Congratulations

  24. Dida Marques

    Wonderful description of what is considered the “Heel the world”, beautiful village by its history, must visit,
    TB yolks on Pinhelense, thank you very much for the excellent publication that makes the cultural and human heritage that our country has.

  25. maria cruz

    terre d most beautiful world. one tera k leaves saudads toall for being so shmpatica. one of d perciosidads Portugal

  26. Wanderley

    Congratulations Mr.. Castile to disclose the village where my beloved grandfather was born (July Antonio Marques). I live in Brazil and I want to know-there as soon as possible.

  27. Castile

    Wanderlei very well and if we have time I will even make the tour, brings together a good group of travelers

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