3 by magnificent lands of the Hospitallers days in Alentejo

It is a region with many tourists, which is an advantage for those who demand peace of mind, but it is a very beautiful area of ​​our country and relatively ignota. I propose a stroll through the counties of Sparrow-hawk, Nisa and Crato Follow the route of the Knights Order of Malta (Hospitallers) here that controlled the region – were the Lands Guinditesta. Among the five notable monuments built by this military order- Here are three: the Castles Belvis (**), of Alder Tagus (**) and the Monastery of Rose Flower (***).
To reach the region, the most usual route is the road, served by Highway (A23). But who comes from Lisbon to train connection is magnificent, it follows from the trunking riparian landscape of the River Tagus.
As accommodation recommend the magnificent House of Covão Abitureira which borders the river Tagus, Belver in the low tens of meters from the railway station Belver-Hawk; choose a room with window or balcony facing the unforgettable scenery of the river Tagus, which here flows in a truly relaxing pace.
1Day of Tourism in Alentejo-Castle Belvis Beach and river Alamal
In the morning, after a great night listening to the sound of the Tagus and see the stars prepare to meet, still morning, the Castle Belvis (**). Park the car and join the mother church clamber Castle; perched on a granite hill Penhascoso the rider Tagus river and although not large, is a magnificent example of a medieval fortress belonging to the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

Download the village again and propose that lunch at the Castle restaurant, believes that a great fresh fish from the river, caught by Ricardo, who also owns the space. The prices are very cheap and is the best grilled fish in River Country.
Evening, recommend a trip to the most beautiful river beach in Portugal- a River Beach Alamal (*), arranged on the left bank of the Tagus river. Have a good areal (Sand Sea) optimum natural surroundings with the Castle (**) picture as the background and the birds of prey soar quietly dipping into the calm waters of the Tagus in demand for food. Rest, bathe and do not let go of the magnificent walkway that borders the river to iron bridge.
2Day-Anta Grande do Tapadão, Monastery Flower Rosa and the town of Crato
For those who enjoy archeology, Here is one of the largest and most beautiful dolmens of Portugal- a Anta Grande do Tapadão (*), situada a 2 km Aldeia Women, whose camera was partially locked by a huge granite block. It is located on the road between the village of Mata and Rose flower.
Parta for now Monastery Flower Rose (***), well near the Crato, belonging to the Order of the Hospital of Flor da Rosa, was founded in 1356, and is one of the most emblematic examples of existing fortified Monastery in Portugal, it is implemented one of the most reputable B Country. In Flower Rose enjoy to buy the famous local utilitarian pottery with some artistic recreation.

End the day strolling in the quiet town of Crato (*) where traces of the past remain. As we walk through the cobblestone streets, the eight-pointed cross appears here and there, showing the importance of this military order had in its history. The total is pacatez.
Has baroque villas, medieval gates, large chimneys and character filled ruazinhas. At the town be sure to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Success with the chain in front, Igreja Matriz a, the balcony of the Grand Prior, the municipal museum and the castle of Crato (requiring restoration).
3Day-rental operator Tagus
In the morning depart for the village of Amieira Tagus where you will find the third remarkable monument of the Knights Hospitaller, its castle (**) built by Prior D. Brother Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, who sent also build Monastery Flower Rose and father of Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira (which may have been born here or else the Monastery Flower Rose). The Castle rental operator (**) is a magnificent specimen of medieval fortress residential. Along one of the four turrets of this national monument is the chapel of S. John the Baptist, with a ceiling decorated in sgraffito. On the opposite side of the village do not miss the chapel Calvary (*) Baroque altarpiece with a unique granite work to imitate wood carving.

Next visit to this locality Barca Amieira (**), where the river Tagus seems a fallen piece of Paradise. The place has this name because there is a vessel that connects the rail way station of Barca Amieira, situated on the north bank of the Tagus, in Beira, and the road leading to the town of alder, já no Alentejo, thus uniting the two piers that go inland river.
Leave now the village of Nisa and here you can have lunch of typical Alentejo food. Enjoy wandering through the interior of the defensive about Nisa, with the streets full of historic character, Notice for example in the gate of the city and Montalvão.
Give a little jump the spa Fadagoza of Nisa (*), which now has new and modern facilities. The baths are especially indicated in the treatment of rheumatism and respiratory diseases.
A Our Lady of Grace (*), Nisa have to ask where is, has a magnificent sweeping panorama, highlighting to the hills of São Mamede, Marvão (***) and the quartz ridge of San Miguel.
Leave now the village of Arneiro, and where a tarmac road should move to Pêgo Gates to the calm waters of the Tagus. Here you will have a magnificent view of Doors Rodão (**). It's an odd site. Halfway will find large heaps of work-the Roman mining Conhal Arneiro.
Where to sleep:
House of Covão Abitureira (Belver-Gavião)
What to Buy:
cheese and sausage Nisa; embroidery Nisa (with Alinhavados, Frioleiras, Applications Felt, Coberjões and Embroidery Blankets, Shawls Embroidery, Lace bobbin, Income from goat hair); Pottery of Nisa, with its typical "Cantarinhas" - balloons made of red clay inlaid with pebbles of quartz; miniatures and wooden toys(Crato);Talha jobs and facelifts(Crato); the famous Pottery and ceramics painted Rose Flower.
Typical Dishes:
Maranhos, Feet of tomato sauce,- Beans of Events, Arroz de Lampreia, Soup of the Fish River, Sarapatel , Crumbs of bread and / or potatoes with fried meat, Soup Cachola, Fish the river, shark soup, cod stew, Baked stylish Crato, stew Ganhão
Cavacas, OLIVE cakes, Bowling Canela, Bowling Asleep, Forgotten, Nisas, Boats, tigeladas, Borrachões and Boiled Eggs, bellies nun, conversations angel, tecolameca cake and mother in law.
Following our county will have time to travel quietly and feel refreshed and assure you that no more forgotten region. But what the rings forever is the immense generosity of this Alentejo good people who deserve our full support.
The photograph of the castle is Belvis friend José Branco.

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