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  1. Gerson Oscar de Menezes says:

    I get always with great joy the articles on the good places to know in your country. I love traveling couple Portugal, I consider my mother earth.
    I will like to know I can reach with Piodão( from Coimbra and Fatima )to spend a day and a night, in this village. No car disposal. always travel by bus or train and eventually a taxi.

    • Rita@PortugalNotável says:

      hello Gerson!
      There are bus Coimbra to Arganil, but for Arganil Piódão there is only one career on Thursdays, out early in the morning of Piódão and returns around one o'clock. It serves so that the villagers can go to the weekly market in Arganil. The journey takes about an hour and a half and, at least a few years ago, when I made this trip, buses were of very poor quality (perhaps the time of the 1st world war) :)
      The best alternative is to rent a car or go by taxi.
      If you need our support… disposal!

  2. Castile says:

    Good afternoon expensive Gerson.
    Thank you for the positive words about the Heritage of Outstanding Portugal.
    No car will not be easy to reach Piodão there is public transport (bus) Coimbra to Arganil (county seat town where it belongs Piodão), but then there is there is no public transport and have to find a taxi The distance between Arganil and Piodão are about 39 km.Se want another support to know this beautiful region of Portugal, we are your disposição.Abraço

  3. Carlo Braga says:

    Good afternoon,
    I came to your site by a matter of chance and I couldn’t help noticing that you have a quote of a book by Saramago on the top of the page. Sadly, it’s not properly translated…
    the correct translation would be: “If you can look, see it. If you can see, notice it”
    Repaired is from the verb “to repair” (same as “to fix”) and has nothing to do with the Portuguese verb “reparar” (de “tomar atenção”).

  4. Rita@PortugalNotável says:

    Thank you for noticing that. The translation is done by google… we will try to improve it.

  5. José Luís M. Coast says:

    Caro Sr. Castile : I contact the site when I was looking for informing me about the Sanctuary of Our Lady. Assumption, located in Vila Flor municipality.
    After, I found that offers more notes and information about other locations in Portugal.
    I am born and raised in Lisbon but descended from coming Beira Baixa (Serta and Castelo Branco). However, either by personal taste, or by professional duties just to know all our lovely Portugal, from North to south, from east to west and, de facto, is a country that is worth knowing well, given its rich history, cultural, landscape and ethnographic.
    felicitá' just wish him on his initiative and work.
    Once arrange something to contribute to enrich your site disposal me to collaborate.
    Thank you. José Luís Costa

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  7. Abilio Medeiros says:

    I would appreciate the materials' remarkable Portugal’ in my email above.
    With my greetings,
    Abilio Medeiros

  8. hello good night'd like to know more about this group of travel

    • Castile says:

      Good night, Antonio Mesquita, our activities are emerging on facebook. We'll take e-mail and we will send the agenda of our cultural tours. Thanks for your interest. A hug

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