Angular unconformity in Praia da Bordeira

When looking at this red earthenware can not help thinking that had been here a few years in Praia da Bordeira-Carrickfergus (home of 20 e meio), when they still had pretensions to be an expert in Triassic. Here Stoneware Silves based on angular unconformity on the shale. Both geological formations are separated into many millions of years ... and yet are close together.

With Stendhal Syndrome, why this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, head, before such beauty wrote my name and a complimentary joke, between a host name, in sandstone color of wine lees.
And now coziness me this red slab geological fascination, disappeared name is registered another. It remains the spite and the memory. We are in agreement or disagreement? It's a tile in what I am and will be. Back someday ?
Sometime in August 2010

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