Inn Quinta de Santo Antonio where the Alentejo embraces baroque scholarship (Elvas) (Article sponsored)

Elvas is the most beautiful counties in the Alentejo because it has a rich monumental heritage, especially his monumental historical center (***) and their military strongholds (***), that are candidates for World Heritage.
Is located in Elvas-optimal Inn of the Quinta de Santo António won 5 Stars. Entangled in the Alentejo plain, here with many cork and holm oak, your spirit is both rural and scholarly, with its eighteenth-century gardens, its baroque chapel dated 1715, its marble fountain Estremoz- the source of St. Lawrence (with a beautiful story that is worth read), the Statuette from the Baroque Fort of St. Lawrence (**) or his mother Baroque house with French influence.
A inn Quinta de Santo António is perfect both for rest and for those looking for cultural tourism- visiting the remarkable sites in the county of Elvas.
Anyone can stay a few days at the farm enjoying the various alternatives that guests receive the vast agricultural estate which is typically a haystack. The grounds of the Quinta de Santo António contain spaces, sports and leisure with magnificent gardens and orchards that still mark centennial agricultural and livestock nature of the extensive property.
Activities lazer na Quinta de Santo António
Without leaving their perimeter will it may enjoy its acres, with wagon ride around the property, on horseback, wagon with donkey, watch the cutting of pork, take a course in regional cuisine and sweets, praticar paintball, Shooting dishes, arcade games (domino, letters, Etc.), tennis and football 5, football, ping-pong e snooker, swimming pool with children's area and footpaths on the estate ... or just stay up through the gardens and pools, no sossego.
The magnificent housing Quinta de Santo António, is divided into two poles:
Are at home mom 30 accommodation with personalized decor with a regional touch, divided into 18 the 4th Twins, 8 Stunts, 2 Triple, 1 Suite Júnior e 1 Bridal Room.

Hotel Quinta de Santo António, Elvas

At Mulberry Hill - Agro Tourism, are 4 Double Rooms, 1 Apartment T1, 4 T2 and 1 Apartment T3, well decorated like the Alentejo,
Quinta de Santo António also has a superb restaurant, "Quinta", where visitors can enjoy tasty regional cuisine.
Location: The Quinta de Santo António, situation if no Alto Alentejo, ten kilometers of Badajoz, Spain and seven miles Elvas (***) the road going Barbacena and which is accessed by Portalegre after the last Aqueduct Mulberry (**).

such: (351) 268 636 460
fax: (351) 268 625 050

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  1. Lena says:

    It seems to me this attractive inn.
    Maybe not give a little jump there. Top it off with the name of St. Anthony
    Sincere greetings

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