Exposure Reference Works Museums of Madeira

King of Paint Gallery. Luís I
Ajuda National Palace – Lisbon
The Exhibition “Reference Works Museums of Madeira” expected to end in late February was extended until the next day 6 April, reversing the full box office revenue for the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Visit the exhibition: http://exposicao-museusdamadeira.com and thus will contribute.

Patent to the public from 20 November, This exhibition presents a selection of about 300 parts, a chronological journey started in the century. Until the mid-fifteenth century. XX. From various museums and institutions Madeira, these parts, Representative collections of sculpture, painting, jewelery, furniture, ceramics, photography, etc., reflect the strategic importance of the islands in the context of Portuguese expansion, and then European, linked to cycles of SUGAR, Wine and Tourism, as the cornerstones of its development.
Included in this exhibition eleven of the most significant pieces of the collection of the Museum of Sugar, museum institution that suffered severe damage to your collection, due to the storm that struck Madeira last day 20 February and, because they are in this exhibition, were saved from the consequences of flooding in Museum.
The Culture Ministry intends to, with this extension of exposure "Reference Works Museums of Madeira", at the National Palace of Ajuda, honor the Madeiran culture during this tragic time, allow more visitors to know and make a contribution to the recovery of the Sugar Museum.

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