Set Fortifications of Elvas (****) classified as World Heritage Site (Historical and cultural heritage) – Unesco

Fortifications of Elvas

It was with joy that I received the good news that Fortifications of Elvas (****) were classified as World Heritage Humanity of UNESCO on 30 June 2012. Are our 14th-ranked in material goods (can know the full list here). This classification has an impact not only for the region of Alto Alentejo, which will have its tourist exponentially increased visibility, but also for the country.
The fortifications of Elvas will be one of the great cultural destinations which attract numerous travelers quality. Elvas has also recall that one of the most beautiful historic centers of Portugal. Now Elvas can not become a mere waypoint sensitive and tourist will have the obligation to stake and meet these extraordinary Vauban fortresses that are the most monumental in the world. Especially the Forte of Grace (****) – jewel of military architecture of the eighteenth century centerpiece of the set now rated, a monumental and unique aesthetic and that unfortunately is vacant, but as one who knows and loves protects, this classification certainly save the Forte of Grace.

All the fortifications of Elvas classified by UNESCO is distributed between the urban area of ​​Elvas and its surroundings and officially designated by City Border and Trim Elvas.
The set was rated fortified extensively between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and is the largest system in the world bulwark fortifications, but it has well preserved walls of older periods. Inside the walls, the city includes large barracks and other military buildings and the churches and the monasteries. Elvas muralhados retains vestiges dating from the tenth century, medieval period and fortifications from the time of restoration of independence from Portugal in 1640. Several of the fortifications, represent the best preserved example of fortifications in the world originated in the Dutch military school.
Portugal also has other fabulous Vauban fortresses highlighting Fortaleza de Almeida (***) whose inner village has won Historical Village of Portugal.
Next to Heritage UNESCO in Portugal
I am sure that the next classification UNESCO me 2013 or 2014 will be the University of Coimbra (****) and then, it is not clear at what date will follow-:
-Arrábida (****);
-Low Pombalina Lisbon (***);
-Some of the Discalced Carmelites, Buccal (***)
-Southwest Coast (Vicenza) (****)
-Palace, Convent of Mafra and Tapada (***)
Other sets with some probabilities will be the set of Footprints Dinosaurs, the Historic Villages of Portugal (central region) Castros and the Northwest of Portugal and Galicia
The fortifications of Elvas rated assembly comprises:
– Walls of Elvas (**)
-Aqueduct Mulberry, built to allow withstand long sieges and that is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, with its more than 8 km long from its source to the city (read the whole text here) (**)
-Fort of Our Lady of Grace (****)
-Forte de Santa Luzia (***)
-Fort century (San Francisco, St. Peter, Piety and São Mamede)
Additional References: You can read here why the initial proposal of the fortifications of Elvas be classified as World Heritage.

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  1. Edith

    But first of all, I'm talking, even with some delay, an important fact to the city where I live, Elvas. Finally the set of walls and bulwark fortifications of this town of Ray was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. Congratulations! It's about time!

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