Hotel the couple Tralhariz (Carrazeda Ansiães)-A vineyard paradise at our disposal

At the invitation of the tourist accommodation Hotel the couple Tralhariz clothe the county almost every Carrazeda Ansiães (we lacked the almost inaccessible cave paintings Cachão of Rapa and Our Lady of Ribeira along the Douro, but deserve our visit in next time).
The arrival the couple Tralhariz, already late night, (confess that a little intimidated because the farm was not in our GPS) were very well received with a great port and biscuits Tralhariz- are good surprises in life that can make a difference; although dark, the environment really surprised magnificently.
On arrival at the Hotel, IMMEDIATELY jumps to view, the size of the enterprise and its façade facing the rustic winemaking village of Tralhariz.
The mansion originated around 1730, always associated with wine and olive oil and about 9 years was bought by Peter Rabbit transformed into a magnificent tourist resort after shrewd recovery and adaptation, and that now is the provision of quality tourism in Portugal.
Not Hotel the couple Tralhariz can find peace, tranquility and peace of mind that we all quase, this very fast-paced world we want.
The building, in all its divisions combines the modern and the ancient with its granite walls and period furniture in rare harmony it apart to see if it feels.
The contemporary home 5 rooms with the name of caste exploited for the fifth: Tinta-cão, Sousão, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Amarela, getting the suite with the obvious name of Touriga Nacional. All have privileged views to the scenery that spreads around: the houses of the wine village of Tralhariz, the hills of vineyards socalcam hills and valleys of the Douro and Tua whose background is not seen, mas that materializam scenographic bankruptcy topographic.

The Couple Tralhariz has several divisions at its disposal as a games room, a sin Lilas, room and patio for me lover of books the library is just the place to me that I'm closer to the oratory, antique furniture and very especially the collection of some authors Douro. Noble parts are also two dining rooms tastefully. Breakfast has great quality the rest have not proven.
Magnificent is the solar outer space. Not only by modern pool and the covered yard for events, but also by the great winepress recovered for exemplary museum l. Two floors, shows several objects that were either oil, Brandy wants- as seen by alembic.
The exterior has several T0 and a home designed to cluster large families or groups of friends. The name of these houses comes the type of olives: Cordovil, Cobrançosa, Verdeal, madural.
If you have some time can enjoy climbing Via Crucis to the chapel of Bom Jesus, that Silvia, who received us so kindly says "have seen losing breath", for lack of time not to clamber lot, but the next time a remarkable visit Portugal, because our mission is and always will be, make known the remarkable places of Portugal.
Quinta do Casal do Calhariz, is framed in a breathtaking natural landscape and is a typical example of the adventure saga of Port Wine, which proves that even though almost all of us against us, we were able to develop one of the world's finest wines. A Quinta do Casal de Tralhariz is set in a landscape that is World Heritage (UNESCO).
The Couple Tralhariz um is only site that brings beauty, peace, sympathy, comfort and modernity, wineries and gastronomic comforts ie here all we are sure that we are happy. The Rabbit Family is to be congratulated.
Installations couple Tralhariz:
-2 twin
-2 double bedrooms
-1 suite
-1 casa T2
-3 T0 Studies
-Sala Jogos
-Living Rooms and Dining
-Salão Multi-Trend
Location and contacts couple Tralhariz:
Central-Place Street Tralhariz
5140-136 Chestnut – Carrazeda Ansiães
Telefone/Fax (00351) 278681042
Mobile (00351) 927526451 / 963929935
Coordinates GPS: N 41 º 13 '57″ / The 7 º 24 '19 "

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