The Hotel Restaurant to Vileira (Vimioso)- It is a place of worship in Food Transmontana


The Hotel Restaurant Vileira installed in the village of Vimioso was one of the pleasant surprises we encountered in the year 2011 Remarkable when Portugal stayed overnight and had dinner in April in its reconnaissance trip in the district of Bragança.
Here already some advantages that make The Vileira a location of choice for anyone visiting or business stay in the region transmontana.
1)- The Hotel Restaurant The Vileira is strategically placed in the center of the northeastern (district of Bragança- here you can see a list of their notable sights); is relatively equidistant from most tourist sites (Natural Park of Douro International, Montesinho Natural Park and the hooves of the medieval city of Bragança and Miranda do Douro).
2)-Also in relation to its position a place that is a must see and is very close to Vimioso, is the magnificent Castle Algoso (read it here) , not so much by its structure and monumentality but more admirable for its deployment in quartz ridge.
3)- Hotel Restaurant Vileira is a modern and welcoming building, designed to provide that retreat in the best possible comfort. The Hotel Restaurant Vileira offers simple and double rooms (two beds and double), all with private bathroom, telefone e tv. Are 17 the 4th, distributed 1 floor, all decorated in a simple style, comfortable and cozy, so you can enjoy a pleasant stay.

4) The Hotel Restaurant The Vileira is present, with all the professionalism, in all the festivities Vimioso including wedding parties, baptized, a birthday or even a meeting between employees of companies…!
5) Not to be missed is undoubtedly the party of mycological gastronomic days, that includes the participation and commitment of the Vileira. No doubt that these days are a unique opportunity to savor this fabulous delicacy Vimioso. The gastronomic journey Mycological is now a major event in Vimioso. The hotel restaurant "The Vileira", responsible for the implementation of this initiative, presents guests with entries, dishes and desserts based in the rich flavors of mushrooms in the region. The restaurant is filled with people from several parts of the country and Porto, Braga, Coimbra and, including, Spain. (read it here)
Do not miss this amazing video about a Day in The Mycological Vileira.

6) One of the gains of the Vileira is arguably its magnificent transmontana cuisine with rich dishes and, especially, Tasty. The best steaks, the best hunting, the best products of the land.
The kid, heights for Easter, deserves a huge highlight and even has a gastronomic week.
7)- o Vileira has a large living room with nice decor to the senses.
8) Entries that serve us are magnificent with regional sausages (the smokehouse), being present the ham sausages (also designated tabafeias), o salpicão e o butelo, these are just some famous product representatives.
Regarding the soups highlight the Blinded soups and soups killing.
Among the most emblematic dishes include the braised cod and Portuguese, Mirandese put the calf, costelinhas the lamb on grill, the sausages cooked with butelo and bark.
CARNES: Veal Chop Mirandesa Certified, Veal Chop with Pepper Mirandesa Certified, Magret of Duck to Port Wine, Tart with greens, Butelo with husks, Bife à “Vileira”, Regional sausages, Roasted lamb, Costeletinhas roasted lamb on the barbecue, Hunting(in season).
FISH: Great variety in fresh grilled fish (Robalo, Salmon, Gold, Monkfish, Conger), Monkfish Rice, Polvo à Lagareiro.
WINES: All demarcated areas – Douro, Alentejo, Give, etc.…
These are just a few examples of the many delicacies that his friend Louis makes available to its clients and reveal a good taste double: taste the pleasure of doing well and happy to defend the rich gastronomy transmontana.
No doubt the restaurant and Vileira The entire region justify a getaway by tourists tasteful.
9) The Vileira is now a place of worship in the kitchen transmontana, By providing the traveler a unique dining experience with excellent price / quality ratio.
Thank you Luis!
Hotel Restaurant Vileira
Alcanices Avenue Residence, No. 1, 5230-308 Vimioso
Phone: 273 518 200, 273 518 203
Final Evaluation (0 a 5)
Quality Inputs (4)
Meat dish (5)
Fish Dish (4)
Desserts (3)
Garrafeira (4)
Quality of care (promptness and friendliness) (5)
Living and environment (3)

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