Film on the Botanical garden and woods of Coimbra awarded in Croatia

One of my favorite places in Coimbra is the Botanical Garden and Forest. It is very fixolas to cultural and scientific tourism, think, meditate, study, read and up to date.
In July a promotional tourist film “Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra – A single space” won an international award in Croatia. Video, for about three minutes, was awarded the prize of “The Best Artistic Impression” Well Zagreb Tourfilm Festival.
Video, developed by producer TerraLíquida Movies and was awarded in the category of “The Best Artistic Impression”, and according to information from the University of Coimbra is winter in Coimbra Botanical Garden, “mixing earth tones with the sounds of urban nature in an environment marked by the morning mist”.

Botanical Gardens in Coimbra
Botanical Gardens in Coimbra

It is the first in a series that seeks to portray the Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra in different seasons, due to visual and olfactory these variations print” to that space.
At a time when the University and the Botanical Garden itself just be considered a World Heritage Site, this award is good news.
and the presence of many other international film festivals is of an importance greater disclosure in this our heritage.
Here the movie!

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