Wonders - Beaches of Portugal already has 70 Pre-finalists

Beaches in Portugal

We have given here highlight the competition of the seven wonders of Portugal which has been held annually in the popular vote and had already completed several categories and all relevant and that they were:


7 Wonders of the cuisine of Portugal

21 Wonders of the cuisine of Portugal (contest finalists)

70 pre-finalists of the wonders of the cuisine of Portugal


7 wonders of Portuguese origin in the world

27 wonders of Portuguese origin in the world


7 Natural Wonders of Portugal

21 Natural Wonders of Portugal (contest finalists)

77 pre-finalists of the natural wonders of Portugathe


7 Wonders of Portugal (monuments built)

21 Wonders of Portugal (monuments built) (contest finalists)

77 pre-finalists of the wonders of Portugathe (monuments built)

Note that this contest has, despite its relevance, a strong and playful character that the choices of the seven wonders is subject to great subjectivity that relates to commitment of the agents involved in choosing your location, with the demographics of the area surrounding the site or with aspects related to the prevailing fashion, but even so is Luis Segadães, as well as their remaining team congratulated for providing us with another channel for the dissemination of our remarkable heritage of Portugal. Note that regarding the many beaches of Portugal have already been posted here on our Remarkable Portugal.

Facing the crisis by promoting extensive coastline of Portugal, one of the landmark of the country-the beaches of Portugal.
This was one of the assumptions underlying the creation of the program 70 Pre-finalists beaches for the election of 7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal.
In his speech, Louis Segadães, President of 7 Wonders, highlighted the importance of the initiative is likely to have economic and tourism assets for the country and for the region they operate in the beaches of Portugal.
"This shortlist of finalists from the beaches of Portugal is the result of more technical and scientific evaluation of the process, after analysis of 70 experts from around the country who contributed and collaborated with the organization. These 70 beaches represent the best that Portugal has to, from north to south, the coast to the interior, and now it is up to all disclosing to preserve ", explained.
Already Francisco Ferreira, vice-president of Quercus, highlighted the role of the playful design.
"We have over 500 bathing areas in the Country, natural heritage and landscape that could represent an economic asset. This is a way for people to know this heritage, how to protect it and know how the beaches of Portugal should be used. With due caution, devemos appreciate the miles of coast we have, safeguarding natural resources. We will ensure that the beaches of Portugal to be chosen meet quality requirements in order to be frequented », observed.
To get this list of 10 top in each of the seven categories, as 294 beaches of Portugal - were initially 327 - Were nominated by a panel of experts appointed by the Scientific Council of the project.

Algarve region with 13 named beaches
The region with the highest number of pre-finalists is the Algarve, with 13 beaches of Portugal, followed by the region of Lisbon and Setúbal, with 11, and the Alentejo and Ribatejo region of Extremadura and, both with nine.
The Beira Litoral is represented with seven beaches, the Azores with six, Beira Interior region with five and Between Douro and Minho with four.
The scientific council in the election of 7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal was composed of seven entities: the Portuguese Navy, Portuguese Environment Agency, Blue Flag Association of Europe, GEOTA, League for the Protection of Nature, Quercus and SOS-Save our Surf.
Until 7 May, a set of 21 personalities will select three beaches in Portugal for each category, so that the public can choose the seven winning beaches. The official declaration of the winners will take place in September.

The beaches are seven candidates were organized in Wonderland 7 categories and the winners will be determined by the highest number of votes, one per category.

Beaches to Rivers:
Beach of St. Simon-Fragas Figueiró Wine (*)
Caught Fund – Alcoutim
Boulder Bored – Vila de Rei
Praia das Furnas – Odemira
River Beach Grass Reboleira – Butters
River Beach Côja – Arganil
Praia Fluvial de Loriga – Seia
River Beach Grandfather-Oliveira do Hospital
Thursday Alamal – Sparrow-hawk (**)
Beaches of Reservoirs and Ponds:
Albufeira do Ermal – Vieira do Minho
Obidos Lagoon, Foz do Arelho – Caldas da Rainha (*)
Praia da Castanheira – Blue Lake – Ferreira Zêzere
Beach Footprint of Fraga – Macedo de Cavaleiros
River Beach Bayou Azibo – Macedo de Cavaleiros (*)
River Beach Aldeia do Mato - Abrantes
River Beach Piodão – Arganil
River Beach Valhelhas
Vale do Rossim – Gouveia
Bathing area of ​​the Great Tapada – Mértola
Urban beaches:
Baleal – Peniche (**)
Beach freshman – Pond – Sao Miguel - Azores (**)
Costa Nova Beach – Ílhavo (*)
Beach Figueirinha - Setúbal (*)
Nazare Beach – Nazareth (*)
Praia da Rocha – Portimão(*)
Beach Southend Sea – Odemira (**)
Praia das Macas – Sintra (*)
Beach of Porto Pim – Garden – Faial - Azores (***)
Trojan-Sea Beach – Grândola (**)

Ferragudo Beach (Pond)
Top beaches:
Berlenga - Peniche (***)
Porto Moniz – Porto Moniz (**)
Adraga Beach - Sintra (*)
Arrifana Beach - Lagos (***)
Praia da Marinha – Pond (**)
Beach Almograve – Odemira (**)
Beach Galapinhos - Setúbal (**)
Odeceixe Beach - Lagos (*)
Meco Beach - Sesimbra (***)
Bathing area of ​​Biscuits – Praia da Vitória, Terceira - Azores (**)
Beaches Dunes:
Peach Island – Sines (***)
Beach Mulberry – Aljezur (***)
Beach Bordeira – Aljezur (****)
Beach Holds – Grândola (**)
Praia da Ilha de Tavira – Tavira (***)
Beach of San Jacinto - Aveiro (***)
Carvalhal beach – Grândola (**)
Praia do Guincho – Cascais (**)
Beach Whale Bone – Dovecote (**)
Praia do Porto Santo – Porto Santo - Madeira (****)
Wild Beaches
Almagreira – Peniche (*)
Corner Marine – Viana do Castelo (**)
Gaff of Ermelo – Mondim de Basto - (***)
Islet of Vila Franca do Campo – Roorkee field – Sao Miguel - Azores (****)
Lake of Fire – Ribeira Grande – Sao Miguel - Azores (****)
Beach Cacela / Factory – Vila Real de Santo António (***)

Estaquinha Beach - Lagoon (**)
Praia da Faja Cape Girao – Ribeira Brava - Wood (***)
Praia da Ursa – Sintra (*)
Beach Brook Horse - Sesimbra (**)
Beaches Sport Use:
Arrifana Beach – Aljezur (***)
Beach Cordoama – Vila do Bispo (***)
Ribeira d'Ilhas beach – Mafra (*)
Beach of Santa Barbara – Ribeira Grande – Sao Miguel - Azores (**)
Praia do Amado – Aljezur (***)
Beach Cabedelo – Figueira da Foz (*)
Beach Cabedelo – Viana do Castelo (*)
Praia do Guincho – Cascais (**)
Praia Grande - Sintra (**)
Supertubes – Peniche (**)

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