6 tourist wonders of the municipality of Nisa

The region of Northern District of Portalegre, which is bounded by the Beira Baixa Tejo river that runs embedded here, has several reasons deserve our view. For example the municipality of Nice that is forgotten the tourist routes, but it has much to offer travelers can: notable monuments, natural areas, gastronomy, crafts and especially peace of mind due to low population density and breadth of horizons. We have deep desire to put this county, as well as other municipalities in the district Portalegra turísitca route Portugal. And to guide the visit to locias leave here a list of notable tourist sites Nisa.
Notable local County Nisa
1-Castle of alder Tejo (National monument) (**)
2-Landscape in Barca Amieira Tagus (*)
3-Calvary Chapel rental operator in the Tagus (*)
4-Doors Rodão in the river Tagus (together with old village Rodão) and Roman heap of Conhal Arneiro (***)
5-Spa Fadagosa Nisa (*)
6-Panorama of Mount of Our Lady of Grace (Nisa Old) (*)
Other places with tourist interest:
-Historic Centre of Nisa with its doors and the Village of Montalvan
-Quartz ridge of San Miguel
-Anta by Nisa
-Cruise Alpalhão
-Chapel of Our Lady of the Round in Alpalhão
-Roman bridge over the Ribeira de Figueiró
-Castle Panorama Montalvão

A comment 6 tourist wonders of the municipality of Nisa

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