As 14 best news and heritage tourism in Portugal 2012

"There are people who cry to know that roses have thorn,
There are other smiling knowing that thorns have roses!”
Machado de Assis
I am naturally an optimist, However, the optimism is not free and is dependent on luck and our effort. Good news happened to our heritage however the good news of value only if they are properly fruídas. In this case, all agents tour Portugal, state or private, would have much to gain to properly promote the country in priority tourist markets. I refer not to spend money on pointless communication posts laughable. On the contrary, I'm talking about investing in the communication of a territory, with strategic direction, highlighting all that is good and better to offer tourists and, including, to potential investors. Otherwise, the good news is just that. Good and nothing else. Behold then the 14 best news of our Heritage.

1-Guimarães European Capital of Culture

Despite the various problems arising in Guimarães successfully managed to achieve its objectives. The birthplace becomes over 2012 a genuine European cultural center. The schedule was wide, diverse and pointed to all public. The Guimarães have that much pride in its heritage should be the example for other cities with an equally rich heritage (Évora, Coimbra, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Lamego, Take ...).
Site to see: Guimarães 2012

2-The fortifications of Elvas-were classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

It was a wonder to many but we always admire so fantastic set, warrant lifting the strange power of war Men, but we received the news with joy and naturalness.
Decisive stage of the border wars that followed the Restoration, in 1640, structures are classified now the largest bastion fortress in Europe.
Founded in the reign of D. Sancho II and built on a Muslim structure, were included in the Indicative List of World Heritage of UNESCO in 2009.
The fortifications, through which crosses the Moorish and medieval period, and the Renaissance innovations and, by regular upgrades of structures, advancement of time until the nineteenth century, are “one of the most important cases of overlapping functions and evolution of strategic and military conceptions throughout history”, referred the proposal then sent to the National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Science and Culture).
The decision was taken by the World Heritage Committee, meeting in July in St. Petersburg, Russia. The application of the classification of fortifications covered several monuments – forts of Santa Luzia, seventeenth century, and Grace, eighteenth century (this is probably the most spectacular baroque defensive structure and where there climbed the soul is filled with intense that is), three forts of the nineteenth century, the three medieval walls and the walls of the seventeenth century, beyond the Aqueduct Mulberry (already described by us here can read here).
We hope that the entry of the fortifications in the list of world cultural heritage sensitize now the Ministry of Defence, Own Forte of Grace, jewel of military architecture of the eighteenth century and the central part of the application, for the preservation of that set.
Other notable speaking world heritage sites classified as World Heritage in 2012 are the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the urban cultural landscape of Rio de Janeiro.
Read the article here on the Aqueduct Amoreiras

3-Reopening of the National Museum Machado de Castro in Coimbra

The Museum Machado de Castro, one of the best museums in Portugal, which opened in 1913 worked up 2006, ending date for an important campaign. The National Museum Machado de Castro is an icon of the city of Coimbra that, opened in December 2012, opened the doors of all its exhibition spaces to the public. The refurbishment works were the are by the architect Gonçalo Byrne.
The Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro, Coimbra, is housed in the old Episcopal Palace, built on the remarkable Roman cryptoportico (read it here). The rich collections highlight the section of your sculpting Coimbrã Goldsmith and the best in the country, and yet his painting.
This year 2012 we will point out some of your various pieces of reference. I for myself have visited the museum three times and have not seen all.
See Here Museum site

4. Globe Spots drew up a list of the top ten destinations in the world for 2013 and placed Portugal in the first

It's been five years and the portal Globe Spots remains on top of things, making known destinations around the world that tourists must visit. This year, international travel site decided to highlight on your Portugal “top destinations” for next year, assigning the rating of best country to visit in 2013, for those who want a “Classic trip with great views”. Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe be considered the best tourist destination in 2013 is not a big surprise, since Portugal is a country that has a history, beautiful landscapes, sights, excellent cuisine, good beaches, saws and even some coeval tone that pleases both.

5. The Citadel of Cascais has new life

When I visited the citadel of Cascais two years ago, the invitation HOTEL QUINTA RESORT NAVY, I had to go to sorrelfa before the bustle of the works that were to convert this prime space and behold, in March this year that opened with great valence; the project, managed by the Pestana Group, integrates a hostel, restaurant, shopping area, laser's cultural. I assure you that this year I have to visit the citadel of Cascais even more so when they also opened the Palace of the Citadel in November 2011 (read it here).

6-Telles Ribeiro in Lisbon today saw the birth of the Green Corridor that idealizou há 36 years. The Green Corridor Monsanto, "Ecological framework" that includes Lisbon ciclopedonais bridges, gardens, a skateboard park and exercise equipment, opened the 14 December this year in the presence of this brilliant landscape architect. What other cities such as Coimbatore, follow the example of Lisbon.

7- Seven Wonders initiative announced the winners of the best beaches in Portugal

The beaches was more than a worthy contest announced some of our equity wealth this time were. The first edition of the national contest held in Seven Wonders 2007, with the election of 7 Architectural wonders Portugal, in 2009 with the election of 7 Wonders of Portuguese Origin, in 2010 elected the Seven Natural Wonders Portugal and 2011 as Seven Wonders of Gastronomy
Read more here at the site of seven wonders of Portugal

8-Port chosen as' Best European Destination’ 2012

Port was elected 'Best European destination’ participated in an online competition where other 19 European cities, including Lisbon, ranked eighth
The European Consumers Choice is a non-profit and independent organization, based in Brussels. Every year, juries and their partners in industry, design, tourism and trade press, select products for its originality, innovative features and exceptional qualities

9- “The Beauty of Simplicity”, promotional film Portugal, received the gold medal at the festival in Serbia, after being awarded at Cannes and New York.
Read here all the news and see the movie.

10-Portugal won, três World Travel Awards, considered “Óscares” of world tourism, with TAP and two luxury hotels Algarve, Vila Joya and Conrad Algarve, to be honored at a ceremony in New Delhi, India.
Read here all the news

11- The church of St. Mary Magdalene, in Olivenza, our Manueline church, was elected “Best Nook in Spain 2012” within a hobby launched nationally in the neighboring country.
The website created for the purpose by the oil company Repsol, company responsible for organizing the competition, revealed the title already expected: Church of Santa Maria was crowned the winner of the contest, Lagoa da dethroning Cigana, em Castilla la Mancha, which ranked second, or by e Forau Aiguallut, Aragon, the third most voted.
The Portuguese church, dating from the early sixteenth century, is distinguished by its wealth of decorative tiles and the reasons that lead to the Age of Discovery.
According to Repsol, was due to the election “the beauty of its columns, the spectacular light that invades every noon, the fact that the story be converted into a very special place and, above all, the fact that netizens have so desired”.
Click HERE to go to the contest page.
Still very recently went to Church of St. Mary of Magdalene at the invitation of Palace of Arteaga and it really is remarkable (**) and deserve an article soon here in our Remarkable Portugal.

12-Opening the Monastery of Serra do Pilar (Vila Nova de Gaia) (***) the public

I do not know how many years and has been closed ever been open space tourism, but it was certainly a welcome news for all of our heritage and cultural tourism opening of the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, which is integrated in the set that embodies the historical center of Porto as a World Heritage Site and it was only possible thanks to a protocol established with the Army, who owns the space and occupies much of the structure. The opening to the public will still allow the visit to the unique circular cloister, one of two that exist in the Iberian Peninsula (the other is the Palace of Charles V, no Alhambra, in Granada, Spain), the magnificent hemispheric dome of the church, Notable areas of Renaissance architecture, and access to the fantastic panorama from the top of its dome.

13-Resumption of fantastic Chapel of St. John the Baptist, Church of Sao Roque, Lisbon
Reopened in 2012 after over a year of restoration the fabulous chapel of San Roque one of the world's most fantastic baroque chapels, undoubtedly is a place that we visit briefly.
The process of recovery of the chapel, Jewel of the Church and Museum of San Roque, conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Museums and Conservation and Scientific Collaboration Laboratory José Figueiredo, terminating the general improvement of the side chapels of the Church of S. Roque.
Resulting from an order of D. João V, This chapel was built in Italy, the hands of the best artists of the time. Was partially assembled in the Church of Saint Anthony of the Portuguese, em Roma, and holy Pope before being sent to Portugal in three ships, to be placed, piece by piece, the site of the former Chapel of the Holy Spirit, and inaugurated in 1752, in the reign D. José I..

14-The beaches of San Rafael, Albufeira, and Alvor, in Portimão, were distinguished as two of the best in the world
It was very nice to know that the beach of Alvor where in recent years have past vacation was honored with this distinction.
The distinction was made by booking hotel site, which annually elects the 20 world's best holiday destinations.
In addition to San Rafael and Alvor, the list also includes beaches in Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Greece, Italy, UK, France, Malta, Spain, Morocco, Tanzania and South Africa.
The Board of Albufeira welcomed by the site, “presenting detailed content on thousands of hotels worldwide”, have described “St. Raphael as an ideal place to relax and forget the stress beach” and as “one of the most magical images of Portugal, thanks to the texture and color of the sand”.
” The Board of Portimão considered, turn, that “beyond the mild temperature of the water and the fact that it is certified with the Blue Flag, this positive assessment is still justified by the quality of hotel supply and support facilities available to tourists”.
Among the supporting equipment are mentioned “accessibility for people with motor disabilities” and “the practice of numerous sea sports”.
“Crystal clear and warm waters, golden and fine sand, a horizon out of sight in a sea of ​​various shades of blue and the best conditions of comfort and safety for retemperadores days by the sea, behold, the card-shirts Beach Alvor”, said still Portimão municipality ".
Slightly adapted text of the JN site (here)

But before we finish this article, would like to wish all readers, employees and colleagues a year of 2013 filled miles, travel and high adventure! It, clear health ..., bons afetos, peace and the economic crisis fade!

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