Miradouro the Sarnadela (Precipice) (*)- The meandering river Zêzere

2 Reasons why you should visit the Viewpoint of Sarnadela
1-The magnificent landscape to the Cordillera Central mountain range from the Star to the quartz ridge Muradal
2- The beautiful river that meanders Zêzere here is very educational.

In the recent history of Portugal were deluded with economic wealth and we do not have to consider that we might live nonexistent resources.
Well, but actually have something we have not known and it is economically leverage our vast remarkable heritage; such a viewpoint in a pleasant place is a good for all: for tourists, for the people of the land, for the economy of the region and the country.

What will be the market value of the viewpoint of Sarnadela?

When we went to see the rock carvings of Zêzere, Archaeological Museum of Fundão (Museu Dr. José Monteiro), Alpedrinha and New Castle, along the highway 238 unintentionally come across with this beautiful vantage point of Sarnadela that lies between Bogas de Baixo and Baroque Zêzere.
As I'm always the inclination to have the best texts on the internet notable sites, I tried some data on the internet and found little, they just found an allusion to the viewpoint of Sarnadela in one blog Unknown Portugal and then with a pompous title "An image that will run the world", so do not say, but that is a belvedere with a magnificent panorama that there is!
The Viewpoint of Sarnadela found a good portion of the Cordillera Central Portugal, so from right to left we have: to granitic Serra de Estrela, the high peaks fillets xistentos St. Peter's Goshawk, the peak of the onion and the remarkable crest of the Sierra Muradal, which includes the Boulders Fajão visible here percetíveis, Quartz titanic wall that will gently waving at the mercy of tectonic. Opposite is the biggest highlight of the Sarnadela viewpoint and that is the beautiful meandering river Zêzere.

Miradouro da Sarnadela Fundão

Viewpoint of Sarnadela Fundão

What is a meander?
About “meander” is a sharp bend of a river. The term derives from the Meander, Turkey, characterized by a very wavy course, and the term has been used since the sixteenth century.
The intricacies change their shape and position according to the variations of energy and Inland Cargo. Originate and evolve due to dynamic force of river flow, the Coriolis force, and geomorphological processes. Thus a meander is formed when a stream begins to bend as the water flows around obstacles (hardest rocks). The bend the, even if only very slightly, the rate of river flow is greater on the outside- which causes further erosion- than inside the meander where sediments are deposited, which carries his pronouncement. For this razão, the river course has a permanent tendency to move toward the concave bank of the meander.

This didactic morphological shape Zêzere, that so clearly shows the viewpoint of Sarnadela, embedded in shale, due to the force of the water flow that continues to erode upstream causing a bottleneck in the "neck" of the meander, in near future years will be abandoned and closed and form a small U-shaped pond that quickly fade yielding a fertile soil that can be harnessed for agriculture.
A note here that in the future will unfold
Those piles of pebbles desbravados almost seem Conheiras Roman of Roman mining Vila de Rei, but should be simple extraction of sand for construction will thus misrepresenting the riverbanks.
Come now to the memory that is in this region that are grandiose mines Panasqueira (**) exploring a set of sub-horizontal quartz veins mineralized with wolframite, Cassiterite and Chalcopyrite. Just one more note of literary footer there are two forgotten romance of great quality, Wolfram Aquilino Ribeiro and Minas de San Francisco Fernando Namora, the latter takes place in the Queen Village Forest in the county of Fundão (read it here) that narrate one rural Portugal, iletrado, impoverished and backward, that a moment's notice with the World War II, will explore their wolfram, allowing the money began to flow at rates never provided in the villages of the interior of the territory, well but this brought calamities which both books intensify with much verve.
Then Abalemos this viewpoint already bundled with the stomach and the end rumemos selected with certainty who do not walk do not win, there outmoded adage says.

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