Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ovens) (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)-On the night of the Douro valley demersal a light blanks

The Gazebo Carrascalinho, is an extraordinary site, overlooking the Cannon River Douro. It is "a wild space that seems untouched by Man, though the traces of their activity are varied, want to archaeological level, either in terms of agro-livestock. On closer observation of the landscape can be detected if the Spanish town of Mieza, the settlement of Lagoaça, olive groves and orange groves on terraced slopes, and the plateau area are known numerous granitic buildings, as “carriças”, designed to watch the flocks of sheep and covered slopes Lodao that has these parts one of the largest patches of the Iberian Peninsula and the background of the massive quartzite rock Penedo Durão (**)”.1
What captivates us here is the rugged landscape and beautiful, loneliness and those huge black and white silhouettes of birds soaring gracefully, locally known as Crow-white cuckoo or the mule drivers and has the common name of Vulture; fortunately it's in May, because in winter move to the African savannas.

An adventure in Deep River Douro in Lagoaça
It was almost dark when I left this remarkable site, fui até à Lagoaça, even noticed the beautiful vantage point of having Cruzinha Incidental Spanish dam Aldeiadavila. A ghastly road, close, snaky going to the river. It's almost night – mas aventuro-me. Halfway through the trip I realize I was wrong, the night is pitch-black and I have no room to backpedal- the ghastly face of the dam and the giants arrive! Suddenly a luminary, quase night elves enchanted. After all it's a party, when they see the car, Call me me for gathering; as a tasty barbecue grills lamb roast. It's huge joy, only men Lagoaça, the acid red wine, but good quality wells squeegees. I feel a lagoaçeiro. Parti almost midnight, the scraps of meat fed to me one more week. Do not forget this feast. To all my well-lagoaçeiros there for this memorable evening.
Information Source – Information panel of the location of Natural Park of Douro International 1.

2 Comments Gazebo Carrascalinho (Ovens) (Sword of ash-to-Tape) (*)-On the night of the Douro valley demersal a light blanks

  1. Tó Moreno says:

    OK, I know that is spectacular Carrascalinho, only that the author is wrong.
    Belongs to the parish of Ovens and not Lagoaça, which incidentally is very well served with the also wonderful viewpoint of Cruzinha.

  2. Castile says:

    I am very grateful for the information.
    Will proceed immediately to correct. But it sure as I am not of the Belt Ash Sword and as the viewpoint is very close to Lagoaça, Fosse thought of this parish.
    Even now when they think make available to Visitor important cave paintings of Lagoaça, near the Santa Font (Also this is a great mineral)?

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