Monte cries Cascas (Montemor-o-Novo) – A place where it makes sense DREAM with their protecting angel

4 reasons to visit and lodge at Mount Peel Chora
1-By the magnificence of this holiday that is considered charming tourism.
2- By magnificent landscaped environment
3- Be able to meet your guardian angel while dreaming
4- Situated in the county Montemor-o-Novo Mount Peel Chora has many interesting sites around him

Historically we have always been a nation of entrepreneurs and resilient people with a great ability to make wonderful things happen such as this Monte Chora Cascas, magnificent accommodation unit of charm, situated in the county Montemor-o-Novo.
The unit of genuine charm tourism was erected in 1999 and became a famous destination for its enormous quality and refinement. Part of Wonderfulland e da Uniquestay- life at ease.
The Monte cries Barks, from 2011, created a new image to the design executed with great skill level and estimates by Sonia Marques continued his father's work organized a space where beauty and comfort snared admirably.
The Hill also assembled a set of services that much desire for many of tourist accommodation and other tourist facilities services in Portugal at the level of “concierge” focusing on individualized client treatment and their interests related to the different areas more relevant tourism in the region (heritage, Cultural, care wellness, gastronomy and enology) and so, "In addition to providing information, the “concierge” facilitates and organizes the provision of additional services in a customized manner. From a portfolio of specialized contacts, seeks to respond, or even exceed, the expectations of its guests "1.

Monte Chora Cascas-Quarto de Aniel, no concelho de Montemor-o-Novo

Monte Chora Peel-bedroom Aniel, the county Montemor-o-Novo

Rooms for DREAM with angels
The six bedrooms are named after Mount guardian angels, whose initials form the word DREAM and they are
Sitael, Omael, Nithael, Haziel, Aniel, Rochel (click each angel to see the qualities of their imaginative the 4th, what is your guardian angel?).
Each quarto with characteristics different from all other, is associated with its respective angel, still each have their paintings, graphics, sculptures, furniture and decoration author. "Every room has, therefore, unique features ... to give wings to the dream!1”
Prime Location of Mount Peel Chora
O monte , surrounded by a wonderful ambience of the Alentejo, occupies a privileged position, just one hour from Lisbon, 30 minutes of Évora World heritage and is located in one of the most important routes of world megaliths and should be classified as a World Heritage Site (Grotto Escoural, the cromoleque Almendres, a Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, Anta-Chapel Pavia, Anta-chapel of St. Brissos or Dolmen of the Church of Commendation -in this county Montemor-o-Novo, besides many other dozens of megalithic monuments).

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The external environment of Mount Peel Chora
The Monte also has a large swimming pool with sun loungers and a bar support, one trimmed lawns and multicolored flowers, a beautiful panorama to Montemor-New Castle and its remarkable, tennis court available to all customers - such as bicycles, ideal for an active invested in the wonderful nature that surrounds.
Monte is an unforgettable and inspiring setting and is perfect for living in peace and quiet and where dreams get a good transcendence.

Contacts Monte Chora Cascas

Director General: Sonia LOVE BRANDS
Monte Chora Cascas 7050-011 Fidalga (Road Picatojo)
GPS: 38.571530,-8.367308 Phone: 266 899 690 Fax: 266 899 699
Email address
Site da Wonderfulland
List of Local Notables Évora District (Click here)

1- The texts were taken with this notation the site of Mount Peel Chora

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