Necropolis of megalithic Alcalar (Portimão) (**)- Between the world of the dead and the living world

Nécropole Alcalar- one of the most monumental megalithic tombs of Europe


I'll never get tired of singing the wonders of the Algarve, beyond its beaches, the most beautiful in the world and this necropolis Alcalar, for example has the most fabulous extraordinary Roman temple of Milreu (the most beautiful of the Iberian Peninsula).


The archaeological area Alcalar, in Portimão, due to negligence and greed of men, was barbarously destroyed. The necropolis is located Alcalar 12 km northwest of Portimão, close to the national road that heads to the city of Lagos (*).
The megalithic necropolis of Alcalar was associated with a central town on hill, with small villages around. Although a bit away from the sea, this mountain to the sea and gazed south to north the Monchique mountains and had good access to ubérrimo estuary of Alvor.
Between the world of the dead (Nécropole Alcalar) and the living world (Populated)
Around the mount stood up several funerary monuments, discovered in 1880 by Estacio Veiga and since then successively studied, but also annihilated. The necropolis was over 20 monuments that were of different typologies.
Interesting here is also the existence of some megalithic funerary polymorphism, Desde Tholos, hipogeus (Monte Canelas, where were deposed over 170 individuals- disappeared recently) or a classic anta, that was destroyed.
I recall again that tapirs, hipogeus e Tholoi, represent different stages of evolution of graves in stone from the Neolithic to the Copper Age. And they all were grave sites of temples and religious belief in immortality, affecting the female uterus.
Here the dominant monuments are tholoi, some of which were identical manner, highlighting the still existing monument 7.
The monument paragraph 7 (tholoi) Alcalar is one of the most spectacular tholoi very similar in Europe with the Newgrange, to Ireland
This magnificent monument is restored and comprises a circular cairn (Mamoa stone), limited support for slabs. The entire monument is made of Jurassic limestone.

Necrópole de Alcalar no Algarve
Nécropole Alcalar

Outside the monument structures rituals related to the cults that were made here were found and marked by a small menhir. All this set seems to date from the late Neolithic and perhaps this world of the dead worked as a protective barrier of the symbolic world of the living.
The tholoi Alcalar consists of a long corridor facing the sunrise. The hallway has a flagstone floor and is targeted to the high slabs, sparsely arranged, narrowing as we approached the entrance to the chamber.
Well at the geometric center of the cairn is circular chamber with the conical dome skylight.
The camera has two side niches, have existed three eliminated after collapse, that would be used for tomb offerings depositions or.
This is truly remarkable tholos, the geometric rigor, by scientific data, the implementation. If the top earthworks involved rituals and fireworks, in the end the whole building was sealed with the closure of the corridor intended to demolish the facade. Extraordinary!
The similarity of the main building Alcalar with Newgrange, to Ireland, notórica is how you can (see here).
The tholoi in Portugal
Beyond that there tholoi Pai Mogo (Lourinhã), Monge, Mud, Saint Martin and Praia das Macas (Sintra) or Escoural (Montemor-o-Novo), being the most monumental and accessible readability traveler if the Necropolis Alcalar.
Due to the important furniture found votive-which includes articles made of gold, tholoi belonged to the agro-metallurgical communities, almost all can be dated to the III millennium BC, in other words, Late Neolithic or even the Chalcolithic, indiciando and strong contacts with the Mediterranean world.
Additional References-This work of Vitor Gonçalves, reads with a mixture of awe and devotion.
Gonçalves, Victor, "The burial practices of the societies of the 4th and 3rd millennia. The megaliths "in History of Portugal (you. João Medina), flight. I, Lisbon 1993
Image credit– The photograph was taken (hence) and with much patience a day with time I'll find my photographs from Necropolis Alcalar.

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