News of the remarkable heritage and the Portugal-November tour (2011)

Turismo de Portugal-6 important news (November 2011)

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Destruction of Foz Valley Your
It's bad for tourism valley of Portugal Tua continues to be destroyed by ignorant people, who does not understand that our environmental heritage is a more biological value, geomorphological, aesthetic and also economic, because it attracts thousands of travelers, leaving some money in the coffers of the Douro region. Until that point the UNESCO, not eliminate the Douro Valley as a World Heritage Site before such serious attack? Ultimately, we can not stop fighting, already in place but the dam'm very pessimistic. Interestingly EDP is building only two out of eight dams that comprise the National Dam Plan launched in 2007. With the construction of the dam da Foz Tua remarkable natural landscape of this section of the river will be forever changed and will be a loss for tourism in Portugal.
Confederation of Tourism of Portugal fears bankruptcy of Thomas Cook
The collapse of the second largest tour operator in Europe threatens the Algarve and Madeira, which tourism depends much Thomas Cook. We do not know which slice angriação of tourists that travel agency manages to Portugal, for sure it is huge, at least in relation to the British market and the two most important tourist regions of Portugal. Let us pray to all the saints so that this does not happen, because Thomas Cook has an important role in tourism flows coming into the country.

Read here all the news.

Increasing the rate of VAT 13 to the maximum - 23% the restoration will be very bad for the Tourism of Portugal
This news is really overwhelming for tourism in Portugal, who have these morons nasty habit of killing our political goose no longer have patience gold!
"The VAT increase in the food industry and beverage 13 for 23 percent will lead to the impoverishment of tourism Portugal closure 21 thousand companies and the loss of 47 thousand jobs ", says the Association of Hospitality, Restoration and Similar from Portugal (AHRESP) it also ensured that this increase will bring "a significant reduction in tax revenue, causing the opposite effect desired by the Government ». Please get us out of this hell.
Read here, but also just search in a search engine and realize the scale of the disaster that has al.
You Bem
Seven Wonders: came the turn of the beaches
After the Seven Wonders of the monuments, on the nature of the cuisine, selection will now be more on the best beaches in Portugal. If it were photos friend, which chose? Join the debate.
"The beaches have always been one of the greatest emblems of Portugal. Now, as part of the Seven Wonders, the Portuguese will be able to elect those they consider to be their best beaches in Portugal.
The election will be the fourth under the Seven Wonders initiative, following the popular choice made in the field of monuments, nature and gastronomy national.
Speaking to “Means & Advertising” Louis Segadães, President of the Seven Wonders, explained the reason for the choice of beaches: “Are a major passions of all Portuguese. Hence we turn naturally to the sea and one of the main reasons for choosing Portugal as a tourist destination and so the best tourism Portugal”.
Applications start 27 November. The beaches will be divided into seven categories in view of its characteristics. As with other elections, RTP will be the official television event, that will meet the 21 finalists beaches 7 May 2012.
At a time of rain and wind, tell us what their favorite beaches, and why, and return briefly to the days spent by the sea "1.
Again here in Portugal Noted will be attentive to this contest and make their timely disclosure because the competition is good for tourism in Portugal. The competition will be organized in the following categories:
2. Albufeira beach and lakes
3. Praia urbana
4. Top beaches
5. BEACHES dune
The seven wonders elected in the four contests are:
Castle of Guimarães (*)
Obidos Castle (**)
Monastery of Alcobaça (****)
Monastery of Batalha (*****)
Jeronimos Monastery or Santa Maria de Belém Lisbon (*****)
Belem Tower in Lisbon (****)
Pena National Palace in Sintra (****)
-Lagoon of the Seven Cities (Non-marine aquatic areas) (*****)
-Portinho Arrábida (Beaches and cliff) (***)
-Laurel Forest of Madeira (Forests and woods) (*****)
-Volcanic Landscape of the Pico Island (Great relay) (****)
-caves of Mira de Aire (Caves and caverns) (***)
-Ria Formosa Natural Park (Marine areas) (****)
-Peneda-Geres National Park (Protected Areas) (*****)
-Alheira Bragança (Behind-the-Montes and Alto Douro) – Entrance
-Serra da Estrela cheese – (Beira Interior and Beira Litoral) – Entrance
-Caldo Verde (Between Douro and Minho) – Soup
-Arroz de Marisco (Estremadura and Ribatejo) – Shellfish
-Grilled sardines (Lisbon and Setúbal) – Fish
-Leitão da Bairrada (Beira Litoral) – Meat
-Pastel de Belém (Lisbon and Setúbal) – Twelve
1-Notica withdrawing Expreso
Registration for the application of already Beaches opened here this site.

The Fado was declared a World Heritage UNESCO Immaterial pela
Must occasionally received a prendazinha for developing tourism to Portugal, who happens to give a lot of work to the project organizers.
Portugal debuted at this year's list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, hopefully have other duties as, for example, our cuisine.

From now on, Fado is not only the song of Portugal, The Song of Severa, Joiner, Amalia, Carlos do Carmo, Camané, Ana Moura and Carminho – is a world treasure. A treasure that speaks of Portugal, their culture, his tongue, their poets, but it also has very universal feelings that evokes: a dor, jealousy, a solidão, o amor. I confess that I will be more attentive to this artistic typology, because I've always been very girded Amalia divine.
Turismo de Portugal will hit record revenues in 2011
In the midst of a financial crisis, policy, social values ​​and the economy, tourism in Portugal is by far the strongest economic area .
Revenues from tourism Portugal ” should beat the record of eight thousand million euros this year, representing about 11% the Portuguese gross domestic product, estimated the president of the Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies (APAVT) statements in the Economic Journal.
Here is a little light at the end of the tunnel.
John Passos said that tourism is “extremely cross the whole economy and Portugal is in a position to further consolidate its tourism markets”.

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