The most important news of the remarkable heritage tourism and February 2012

Tourism of Portugal

As 3 best news of Turismo de Portugal
1-The Douro region will move to feature in travel itineraries National Geographic
It is always a pleasure to watch the release of our Heritage by organizations world-renowned, é o caso da National Geographic Society.
This commitment consists of “Paper do Geotourism by National Geographic Society”, underwritten by organizations in the region, on the day he spent eight years on the allocation, peel UNESCO, the title of World Heritage at the Alto Douro Wine Region which should promote the region through its monthly magazine and its website The National Geographic Society has teamed up with the Douro region and, together, created an interactive website and a printed map ( for “open” the Douro to the world and make it a prime tourist destination.
Os inhabitants, community organizations, local businesses and tourism agents may enter the website, free of charge up 05 May, places of interest to visit in the Douro as the 5th, wineries, museums, hiking trails and accommodation units
Hopefully it more quality tourists visiting our beautiful region.
Read more here.
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2-Top of the election 7 wonders-Beaches of Portugal
Already are known 70 Pre-finalists in the election of 7 Wonders – Beaches in Portugal, the competition is always a good incentive to meet some notable points of the regions and the same will increase the commitment of several counties that have such rich heritage. The contest results will always be subjective, but is good Louis Segadães initiative will support that much.
See the list in our chi Portugal Remarkable
Official Contest Page.

3- Central Region reaches record four million overnight stays in 2011
I congratulate Pedro Machado and his entire team for the tourism of Central region, despite the strong economic crisis, social and moral that FAZ feel could, in 2011, overcome the first hurdle of the four million overnights/year, representing an increase of 170 thousand sleeping, in other words 4,3 percent the previous year face.
As 3 Worst News Tour of Portugal
1-Cut in tolerance Point on Tuesday of Carnival
I confess that I've walked a bit fed up with diatribes that this and other governments have done in. What are glorious people who resist this policy that riffraff incompetently in removing our roads and our rest portugality- ie here's an attack on our chicken eggs Gold (tourism in Portugal) with notice made at the last minute; even if the measure were taken in year ahead, disagreed with but respected, so there.
Do not let, nevertheless, to take the opportunity to questionar this strategy to cut days off, adding workdays, as a way to increase productivity. Still there-someone prove me, irrefutably, the effect that cutting 4 holidays and holiday will have a means of national GDP. And do not tell me, as Pedro Passos Coelho said that, to calculate the amount of wealth that is lost for a day that does not work, simply divide the GDP by the number of days of the year. Santa ignorância!
Are measures taken by beliefs based, ideologies and beliefs and not justified by theories or facts which make us very badly.
Just another consideration if you importeis; it is strange to see that in several regions of the globe there are terrible pockets of poverty that is supported with stoicism and even some happiness life, because after all will still have reasons to dance, play, dating friends ... well remember the joy of Cuban or Brazilian people who live in slums and celebrating the existence enthusiastically. This guys just wants the power frolics just for them or they are ignorant.

2-5 Wounded in the construction of the dam from the Tua Valley
And this terrible saga continues and now with the conditions of workers to degrade yourself. Damn dam is dead, wounded and destroys our Remarkable Heritage, but the day 17 March, will be in camp for continuing our struggle.
We need all possible support to stop the dam construction Foz-Tua so we call on everyone to mobilize the defense, preservation and enhancement of our remarkable heritage!!!
Day 14 March is International Day of Action for Rivers. The Rio Tua, the river Sabor, the river Tamega, threatened rivers can not be forgotten. Do day 10 daily 18 March we will organize a camp for the Tua Valley Conservation and the public censure of the promoters of this enterprise.
Here's more news 5 wounded in the Tua Valley
3-The Real Alter Foundation, former National Stud in Crisis
The Foundation has no money to pay wages or suppliers and no one really knows about the future of 500 horses that exist in the institution and the good it does to Portugal and the entire region of Alto Alentejo deserves for all that let us save. The exalted 500 horses are not left gave the will!
Here's the news. / articles / crisis-in-foundation-real alter-

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