The Promontory of Gales

And that's how the article should begin on Cape Espichel (**) or barbaric Promontory.
"The headland reaches about 135 meters high and is beaten violently by the waves and swept mercilessly form by a saline wind and rough. The sea mists fully emerge, even on clear days frankly, the lighthouse and the Sanctuary, forming one set and fatal dolente. But what is most striking are their calcareous layers ... ".
The extent to which these words are the more assertive for the article who is to be published, how is that emotions unmet of the day will not be pushing the text to a melancholy kind of "Hills of Gales". The certainty however is that their presence transmudaria the phrase to "an inevitable softness"; but a terrible foreboding beats to the rhythm of those vacancies; here quickly depart without seeing the footprints of sauropods, because those hideous cliffs seem to also be a consolation to the souls buffeted.
13-7-2010 (It Espichel-Sesimbra).

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