Panels Tile Path Station Iron Vilar Formoso (Almeida) (*)

Panels Tile Path Station Iron Vilar Formoso

The municipality of Almeida has many tourist attractions that you previously exposed here:
-Fortaleza de Almeida (Historical Village of Portugal)
-Historical Village of Castelo Mendo (**)
-Village of Castelo good (*)
-Termas da Fonte Santa (*)
– Tile panels from the railway station of Vilar Formoso.
The tile panels from the railway station Vilar Formoso, abreast of the São Bento railway station of Porto (**) are perhaps the most beautiful in the way of Portuguese Iron stations. The tile coatings are one of the originality of the Portuguese railway architecture and which were painted and placed in the first half of the twentieth century and who are spread all over the country.
The tiles had the function of beautifying the space and advertise some of the monuments, ways of life and history of the region – in short they are still a good tourist attraction for travelers and encouragement to local feel pride for their iconic sites.
The station of the way of Iron Vilar Formoso was inaugurated in 3 August 1882 peel Royal Family- o rei D. Louis, a Rainha D. Maria Pia and Prince D. Carlos. It must have been a very festive day for the people Raianos, they would look to the future with hope – after all, Past 129 years Beira Interior has not developed and still dying - despite the crudeness of the facts, the sound steam locomotives, allowed some commercial progress Vilar Formoso – pensions emerged, sod houses, boticas, deposits recolha and office merchandise. Customs installed a first class and a tax section. Settled civil servants since the border meant bureaucracy of passenger, Review baggage and collection of fees.

Painéis de Azulejo da Estação de Caminho de Ferro de Vilar Formoso

Panels Tile Path Station Iron Vilar Formoso

Suddenly the anonymous lugarejo agreed categorized as commercial warehouse and administrative, seeing lost his usual quieting.
Now cars are speedy by road from the A25, Vilar Formoso is currently populated by a wounded changes dictated by the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. Borderless no orders, conferences, fees and fines to apply. Leaked the need to stay overnight in the village and food.
Tile panels of season the way Iron Vilar Formoso
In his quest to Spain, or at his coming, if you have some spare time, visit the railway station of Vilar Formoso, and let yourself be enchanted by the magnificence of the building and the panels of inlaid tile walls (*). It is one of the most beautiful Portuguese azulejo sets the twentieth century and executed in the early 30. They represent typical landscapes and some of the most remarkable monuments of Portuguese (Monastery of Batalha, Alcobaça, Old Cathedral of Coimbra, It da Guarda, Church of the mercy of Viseu, …). Were executed in the factory widow Lamego, Lisbon, in the mid-twentieth century.
However, are of unequal value and different authors. Beautiful and monumental, are for example, panels of washrooms, depicting bathers on the beach of Figueira da Foz; unfortunately attenuated, By not being in the prime area of ​​the station and in front have made the construction of a building without connection.
Who was John Alves de Sá?
The tiles are best written by João Alves de Sá (1878-1982), watercolourists one of the greatest twentieth century in Portugal, by their sensitivity, unprecedented luminosity, transparency, impressive and gentle chromaticism. Due to its Germanic influence knew curb excessive idealism of the new state of the art.
He was awarded high distinctions such as the Medal of Honor in National Watercolor Society of Fine Arts and the 1st prize Roque Gameiro (1947), the National Secretariat of Information. Is shown in the Chiado Museum (***); at the Museum of the City of Lisbon (**); the house-museum Patudos, in Almeirim (**); and several private collections. See here one a watercolor.

These representations azulejo, painted during the twentieth century, this and dozens of other railway stations in the country, associated to the propagandistic apologia for New State intended to assert themselves in the archetypes of national identity and values- the panels gave (give) Visitors of the basic notions that you can visit in Portugal and also represented the agricultural labor of the people. Ultimately, are good tour announcements, in many cases, skilfully.

Remarkable seasons in Vilar Formoso are the waves of WW2, when the trains were bound for Spain or came with refugees (will have passed by here hundreds of Jews saved by Aristides Sousa Mendes). Already in the last quarter of the twentieth century the national wave of migration has as reference station and the name of Vilar Formoso as a symbol of a final farewell to our native land. Now that our politicians are asking our young people to emigrate and to leave their comfort zone, appeal to young people that ignore so ridiculous ruler of his name Alexandre Mestre, but those who do not and if they pass by the way Iron Vilar Formoso station reparation summary of the remarkable heritage that we can build throughout our history and reflect on the beauty that is Portugal – a true Eden waiting for the Portuguese- wonderful people, prepare your earthly Paradise, as our political ineptitude by or with bad intentions have not been able to do, except, either case, Here I come again with John II.

At the customs office of Vilar Formoso worked Júlio Resende, in 1958, early in his career, one of the greatest Portuguese painters, late – so that, for example, drafted the "Black Riviera" (1986) (*) in the Historic Centre of Oporto (*****)- running the tile panels(The sea and land, north and south, the plain and the mountain).Are also sculptural works Lagoon Henrique.Em Vilar Formoso can still see in the parish church a beautiful Moorish Spanish ceiling of the sixteenth century.

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  1. Antonio Gois says:

    Regarding the set of panels from Vila Formoso CF station,is in fact an authentic relic that does leave the artistic patrimónico we were donated by former “New State”. Fortunately there are several station that are part of this wonderful lot and we should be proud. Pena é, the CF stations begin to be deactivated, as some were already some time ago (in the case of CF station Vide, County Border). Congratulations for your work I admire very much and thank you for agreeing to my request. A hug.

  2. Ana Lourosa says:

    Just a small correction: House-Museum Patudos is located in Alpiarca, county bordering the county Almeirim.

  3. José Manuel Fernandes Gonçalves says:

    “In the way of Iron Vilar Formoso station worked Júlio Resende, in 1958, early in his career, one of the greatest Portuguese painters, recently died - the same as, for example, drafted the "Black Riviera" (1986) (*) in the Historic Centre of Oporto (*****)- their panels, however missing, should be restored, according to the opinion and taste of the master, which would make it more appealing Vilar Formoso.”
    I should mention that it is erroneous the information in this paragraph. Actually, Júlio Resende produced magnificent works in tile for Vilar Formoso Customs, where you can enjoy!

  4. Octavio Pereira Ribeiro says:

    Great job

    • Castile says:

      Thank Otavio, however the work is incomplete since the station now has an important memorial to Jewish refugees during the Second World War and very proud to Portugal. I hope very soon to make a site visit in order to exploit this our text.

  5. Gilnei Castro Müller says:

    I don't have a website. I have great admiration and dedication to the study of the Portuguese railways. I would like to keep correspondence with someone from Portugal to exchange ideas and information about the History of Trains (Trains) of Portugal. I congratulate you for your work. I live in southern Brazil, in the city of Santa Maria. State of Rio Grande do Sul. For some concidence, the city of Santa Maria was once the most important railway center in the state, now everything is abandoned, today only a few freight trains operate and very precariously. I've been there in Portugal three times. In 2022 I intend to go back there. Brotherly hug and even another opportunity. GCM

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