Overview of Carqueijais Balcony (**) (Covilha)

Balcony of Carqueijais

The Balcony of Carqueijais is the one stop shop for those who went through the dazzling array of sights and geomonuments Serra da Estrela Natural Park (****). Drink the water very fresh travelers, light and pleasant to the eyes and targeting endless horizons to the east Beirão of Portugal and the far reaches of the Spanish sierras (Cat, Gredos), irmanas this saw our Star and continuers of the Cordillera Central of the Iberian Peninsula.
Let us just like almost everyone and let's stop here a bit on the Veranda of Carqueijais to admire this magnificent panoramic view. In the background of the escarpment of the Serra da Estrela, the city of Covilha spreads-occupying, has unfortunately, in some areas, Land of great agricultural fertility. Besides the Royal Factory of Wool (*) aproveitava that narrow banks and mighty.

As on the north side, along Seia, here too the Estrela mountains rises abruptly, by huge geological faults Alpine tectonic, Fundamental to this vertical arribamento our Sierra Star. Even Sierra's highlight Gardunha with a genesis similar to the Serra da Estrela mountains or the islands- (island bergs) harboring at its top the historic villages of Belmonte (**) Your Monsanto (****), or fertile flattened surface of Cova da Beira.
If you have time, before reaching the Balcony Carqueijais, For those in the West, pela E.N. 339, I advise you to park and go see the curious geomonumento Stone Bear, granite outcrop zoomorphic (there plate).
Stay with an excerpt from our bible traveler describing the balcony of Carqueijais.
"It's the most beautiful view of Covilha. Torres, whiteness of married, Roof agglomerates, in a living orange, cascades that still will crash on some water wheels, surviving Velha industry, farms and gardens of the periphery, ribbons of road snaking into the hillside, some train the lower border, Tiny appearance, that descends into the valley of Zêzere and diluted in the distance, the way the Guard-all this is an amazing sight. The horizon is vast. A Oeste, limited to the screen of the mountain; a NE, draws up the hill of Hope, eat acastela village of Belmonte (**), extending through the villages of the mountainous heights Sortelha (***) and Malcata until the jagged profile of Gardunha (*), who hold our views at the southern end. Beyond this line, about, bit right Sortelha, and behind the border line of Malcata, arises in the bright days of winter or autumn, the imposing mass of the Sierra de Gata, already through Spain. Within this huge basin stretches up Zêzere, just out of the bosom of the mountain, and it fit the municipalities of Belmonte, Covilhã and Fu8ndão. The hamlet latter seems a weird white ribbon at the foot of Gardunha. It is huge and fruitful Cova da Beira ".1
1-Guide to Portugal – Border, Add Beira Baixa, Beira Alta II, once 891-9184

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