Boating in the Ria Formosa (Olhão-Fuzeta) (***) (Article sponsored)

We were recently approached by Ricardo to help promote your company that operates in Ria Formosa Natural Park, natural area which is a candidate for the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, what I did with great pleasure, because what the company does is remarkable. The company "Ria Formosa Tours" Nautical tourism is licensed in the form of rental of vessels with crew. The company, through its boat "Pegasus", believes unforgettable programs for boating in the Ria Formosa (***), which is still a natural paradise in the service of Tourism of Portugal.
So enjoy your leisure time in the Algarve and will wander in the Ria Formosa lagoon system, the maze of marshes, channels, area of ​​vasa and islets. The system is protected by a cordon five paradisiacal sandy islands (Cabanas, Tavira, Armona-Fuzeta, Light-breech and Desert).

During the tour information will be posted on the fauna, flora and history Ria Formosa Natural Park (***).
The Pegasus also penetrates deep sea to go to these wonderful animals that are dolphins. It is a sensational experience.
The vessel of the Fuzeta has several routes in the Ria Formosa:
Route of the Sun: Fuzeta-Barra da Ilha is Fuzeta-Fuzeta.
Route Levante: Fuzeta-Barra da Ilha do Barril, Tavira fuzeta-.
Discover Nature: Fuzeta-Barra da Barra da Armona Fuzeta-Canal de Olhão.
Rota so Farol: Fuzeta-Barra da Armona, Farol bar Fuzeta.
Walking with Dolphins.
Free program of your choice.
I'm sure that Ricardo will be angry that I did not commit disloyalty to indicate the tour already in Pegasus I scheduled for a full day in August:
Fuzeta-Dolphins-sea-Island Lighthouse-Deserted Island Afternoon.
passeio.ria.formosa @

2 Comments Boating in the Ria Formosa (Olhão-Fuzeta) (***) (Article sponsored)

  1. VIVA!!!
    Of course, I do not care, and I assure you it will be a full day, First we will see dolphins passing by the magnificent landscape of Fuzeta bar, Tuna frame and reach the viewing area of ​​dolphins.
    Then we will turn to the island where the lighthouse will eat the best fish in the Algarve, and will ride in the afternoon in the paradise islands of the southwest Algarve.
    I am convinced it will be a reminder of why our Zone.

  2. Rui Costa says:

    certainly a great initiative on the part of Ricardo to provide moments of unparalleled beauty, that is felt in that area. In addition also provides a script visit to the dolphins in their habitat natural.Eu also have scored my trip with friends to enjoy all that the Algarve has good. stunning scenery, good food, good climate and one of the most beautiful species of the sea, which are the magnificent dolphins. Congratulations to Ricardo for the initiative.

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