45 Units Outstanding Heritage Tourism in the District of Beja

After publishing the list of Notable Places of the District of Portalegre, behold now the district of Beja covering tourism region designated Golden Plains, the name is beautiful, but the plain when in fact yellow in summer the area is stifling and sad, but in the remaining stations is green and amenity of its climate that prevails whiff to take shape on a green territory, merged in the spring by flowering robes of varying shades that transform the region into a festival of color.

If the landscape is the first feeling we have when we come to the region, is good to retain that not everything is as the landscape demonstrates the 44 Heritage Notable units in the district of Beja and they deserve all our affection. It is good to travel in Alentejo.Aljustrel Castro Verde (6)
Mining set Aljustrel
Panorama of the Lady of the Castle (*)
Real Mother Church or Basilica of Castro Verde (*)
Museu da Lucerna (*)
Panorama of the Chapel of Our Lady of Aracelis (*)
Neves Corvo Mine (*)
Cuba and Alvito (6)
Castelo de Alvito (Pousada de Portugal) (*)
Church of Alvito (*)
Hermitage / Miradouro Santa Luzia (*)
Solar Water Fish (*)
Ponte Romana (located between Villa and redhead lodge of Spindles) (*)
Murals of the church of Vila Redhead (*)
Canyons, Moura and Serpa (8)
Castle Noudar (**)
Park Nature Noudar (*)
Dam alqueva (**)
Historic Centre of Moura (*)
Castelo de Moura (*)
Church of St. John Baptist de Moura (*)
Termas de Moura and associated heritage (*)
Castle Serpa (*)
Beja and Vidigueira (8)
Historic Centre of Beja (*)
Dungeon of the Castle Beja (***)
Core Visigótico the Beja Regional Museum / Church of Santo Amaro (*)
Beja Regional Museum / Convent of Our Lady of Conception (**)
Loggia of the Church of Mercy (*)
Church of Santa Maria (*)
villa Roman Pisões (**)
Roman ruins and convent of St. Cucufate (**)
Mértola (9)
Villa Museum Mértola (***)
Ancient Mosque / Church of Mértola (**)
Castle Mértola (*)
Cores Museological Mértola (**)
Islamic museum center (**)
Circuit Alcáçova (criptóportico) (*)
Roman museological (*)
Pulo do Lobo (*)
São Domingos mine (*)
Beja and Ourique (8)
Vincentian Coast Natural Park (****), include those where 5 beaches and Cape Sardão
Beach Almograve (**)
Carvalhal beach (**)
Beaches of Vila Nova de Milfontes (**)
Malhão Beach / Aivados (***)
Beach Southend Sea (**)
Cabo Sardão (***)
Dam of Santa Clara (*)
Archaeological Circuit Castro da Cola (**)

Sites of interest:

-Digital Beja

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