Picoto of Melriça (Vila de Rei) (*)- The Centre Portugal

Picoto of Melriça

The Picoto of Melriça is a must stop place. Travelers do not abdicate their saga shake even when the hours for family reasons and can often make a detour and inspect a place of remarkable Portugal.
So our saga by Vila de Rei and after visiting apriver streak Boulder Bored with its waterfalls and its painted tail it is that one of the competing 7 wonders-beaches of Portugal and the Beautiful village of Shale Water Formosa we headed to the geodesic center of Portugal, Alto da Melriça also known as the Picoto Melriça, situated near the river Zêzere and a mystical centers of Portugal- Convent of Christ in Tomar classified as World Heritage Site (*****).
This region marks the transition between the Beira Baixa, Border and Coast Ribatejo and geodetic marks the center of the country.
The Picoto of Melriça situated 592 meters high is connected to the history of modern cartography in Portugal. This began in 1790, in the reign of D. Maria I, when the monarch asked D. Francisco Ciera, lens of the Royal Navy Academy, to start work in general triangulation of the territory, for drafting the Charter of the United Geographic. The work started in 1790, but were suspended after thirteen years because of the Napoleonic Wars.
Logo em 1802, was erected the geodesic vertex of Milriça that belonged to the group of the first 32 vertices national. This famous “Picoto” is a pyramid of masonry with 3 feet wide and 9 meters atura, almost two centuries old.

The work of triangulation were, however, interrupted in 1803, by virtue of the political situation at the time and later completed after 1834. Today there are around the country about 8 000 vertices geodésicos, many of which are built in almost inaccessible places.
Was, thanks to the dedication of geographers and cartographers of the past century that the National Geodetic Network which is one of the bases for the geographical knowledge of the territory was created.
Beside the Picoto Melriça, Geodesic Centre in Portugal, is the Museum of Geodesy, no single country. The museum, Opened in 2002 offers visitors a certificate of attendance, unfortunately it was not possible for us to visit him given the late hour.
The landscape is beautiful Picoto of Melriça and 360 º views and lives up to the category of central Portugal, on a clear day, but despite this great powerful massifs of the Central Range (Gardunha, Star, Blackboard, Aire e Montejunto), are in sufficiently remote distance for us to repay in its details, but still managed to see its general outlines and textures lithological. By far though the soft golden plains of Alentejo eaa thin fimbriae sea to SW.
Closer to us Vila de Rei, the monotonous Pinion, many of them burned and put ourselves into thinking that forest fires are the greatest scourge plaguing this place defection from where women and children in finding other places to live. Almost every year, in summer the passage of fire charred timbers and ashes fills a soil that was already poor and thus erode over the first autumn rains.
We leave here happy because life is beautiful, especially when well guarded by people that harmonize with us, but sad because we have to leave but finally one day return and under our sky this afternoon that it will go away is the phrase from my hero for Sancho Panza.”Does that every hour of your life is beautiful. The slightest gesture is a future memory.” The Picoto of Melriça with this sky is registered instantly so benign; ward and so it is late because kinsfolk await us.

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