Ponte Romana de Vila Formosa (Alter do Chão) (**)- The most monumental Roman bridge of Portugal

Ponte Romana de Vila Formosa (Alter do Chão) (**)- The most monumental Roman bridge of Portugal

The Alentejo is really wonderful in the spring - excuse the banality of the statement, and this month I took a short break here to give; take the opportunity to visit the Roman bridge of Vila Formosa, on the shore of Silk, What is the most monumental and preserved Roman bridge in Portugal, maybe a pair of keys.
The Roman bridge of Vila Formosa integrated the relevant Roman road linking Lisbon (Olissipo) Mérida (Emerita Augusta- capital da Lusitânia).
Has a length where a board based horizontal profile with 116.50 m long, by 6.70 m length. The board is supported on stone pillars that sustain 6 great arches of perfect dome. It is equipped with eyelets, Roman bridges used by larger to allow the flow of water when the violent floods. Ashlars and also features padded flat tray with floor slabs with large.

Below the guard has a ledge along the entire length, element upstream puts with Gargul. The regularity, the cushioning unit and marks Forfex, visible throughout the monument, make it a typical piece of Roman engineering, of great beauty which adds its beautiful landscaping.
The Masters, beyond hand tools with working stone, knew the levers, the pulley and the fórfex (iron tongs to lift and move the stones), already used by the Egyptians, and by the Greeks in their great buildings (pyramids and temples).
The Roman bridge of Vila Formosa remained, until there were few time, functioning and importance in the area of ​​road circulation, on the road linking the Alter do Chão Chança and Ponte de Sor, having been built between the late first century and early second century AD.

There are ways, important for defense and development of the Roman Empire; were used for the transport of columns of Legionnaires; goods and cereals between various parts of the Empire and Rome.
The bridge is very similar to the Roman bridge of Salamanca.
The Roman Bridge of Vila Formosa is classified as a National Monument since 1910.
The Roman bridge of Vila Formosa is today an ideal place to relax, walking and dating and once you read the text here take this opportunity to advise you to visit the House of Medusa in Alter do Chão, Roman mosaic with its exceptional Aeneas, but still is protected while waiting for proper placement coverage. I hope not a lot of water pass under the bridge. The beauties of Alter do Chão addictive!

Here you can read about a legend of the Bridge.

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