Porto leads top 10 European destinations from Lonely Planet

The Port City, World Heritage, it is fashionable, behold, now the magazine Lonely Planet elected the city and the Douro, as the best European holiday destination.
By Luis J. Santos, removed from the Trails
"A “vibrant capital of the arts” a “Picturesque” wine region. Are attributes that led to Lonely Planet elect Porto and the Douro Valley for a top 10 of European destinations that travelers should visit “right now”.
Are discovered for those looking to go beyond the obvious and major European cities that are part of the plans of most travelers (cases of post-Olympic London or Amsterdam majestically renovated). It, this European map of seeking tourists “next level”, Lonely Planet has no doubts: Porto is one of the ten destinations that travelers should visit the European continent “right now”.
“Once a sleepy riverside town best known for its fortified wines, Porto emerged as a vibrant capital of the arts.” So begins the presentation of Porto and the Douro Valley in the article published in the LP site. Signed by Andy Murdock, digital editor for the U.S. home of the famous travel guides, o top result, inform, the contributions of “editors, authors and experts local” da LP.

Porto Lonely Planet
Porto Lonely Planet

For the election of Porto contribute, particularly, the environment and cultural spaces in the city: “at the forefront of the bohemian art scene of the city”, refer, “is the line of the street Miguel galleries Bombard”, particularly “lively during simultaneous openings, when new exhibitions and street concerts create a festive atmosphere”.
Serralves is another jewel in the crown, thanks to shows “innovative” Museum of Contemporary Art, as the House of Music, where the music not for year-round, “including outdoor concerts in summer”.
On the other hand, “new and celebrated restaurants” Also contributing to the “new creative landscape” City. Here, refere-se o D.O.P. do chef Rui Paula, with its Portuguese cuisine based on ingredients with a “twist” contemporary.
It, clear, could not miss the inevitable wealth of Port, with “historic cellars” to provide evidence tours and free wine or a “symbolic value”. The Douro Valley is considered the ideal complement to a visit to the city. “A picturesque region of steep terraces” with some of the “most celebrated vineyards” Portuguese, with “river cruises and scenic rail journeys”.
As for hotels in Porto area is taken only a reference and luxury: to The Yeatman, located in Gaia and eyes in Port, described as “the best hotel” area and a restaurant boasting a Michelin star (“well worth the visit even if not stay overnight”, refer).
The top of the LP is complete with Budapest (Hungary), Northern Iceland, Cinque Terre (Italy), Morávia (Czech Republic), Bern (Switzerland), Marseille (France), Croatia, Northern Ireland, Copenhagen (Denmark).
Port for high
“Are distinctions like this that increase the visibility of the destination and are growing each year the number of foreign visitors”, commented Helena Gonçalves, executive director of the Tourism Association of Port, the purpose of this new top of the Lonely Planet. Quoted by Lusa, Helena Gonçalves added that the Porto Tourism supported the team in updating the Lonely Planet guide referring to the city and region, “a forthcoming 'press trip’ Lonely Planet Magazine for Traveller, with the aim of publishing an article about 10 pages on the region of Porto and Northern Portugal”.
A few days ago, Porto and Douro also walked in the mouths of the world thanks to an article in the online journal “The Huffington Post” which appeared prominently in the region top of river cruises in Europe.

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