15 Sí-uncles or sets of Portugal classified as World Heritage (UNESCO)-These are the true wonders of Portugal

15 Sí-uncles or sets of Portugal classified as World Heritage (UNESCO)-These are the true wonders of Portugal

The ultimate recognition of a historic and natural heritage is made by UNESCO and is referred to as World Heritage or Natural.

From North to south, the savvy traveler, found in Portugal, with its beautiful islands, 15 material properties on the World Heritage List, lying between the 20 countries with the highest number of registered goods.

are monasteries (Battle, Alcobaça and Tomar and Belem, Lisbon, Interestingly all relatively close, between the river Mondego and the Tagus and they all builders of our nationalism); are historic centers of cities (Angra do Heroísmo, Guimarães, Port, Coimbra here part of the ride of their very old and Évora University), They are military walled set of Elvas, from the Roman Empire to the strong imposing the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, stemmed from the War of Restoration (between 1640 and 1668, note to the reader not forget, this city also has a rather remarkable historic center which includes in its several very valuable monuments). Producer of famous wines, also built his landscape at the expense of these, especially here for the two World Heritage of Humanity (And Pico Alto Douro Wine Region); prehistory is also well represented with fabulous paleolithic engravings of Coa Valley.

Unfortunately we only rated a World Natural Heritage Site, the Laurel Forest of Madeira; I believe Portugal can classify some more World Heritage in this segment. We are reminded in the Vicentina Coast with its cliffs, Finisterre true monumental, more savage than magical-religious and its magnificent beaches where the geology of the rock theme for so much beauty.

Also his friend Marco Ferreira remembered a magnificent heritage, the "Volcanic Lakes of the Azorean islands as it says are" unparalleled beauty of spaces in the Universe ".

Here is the list of 15 assets classified by UNESCO

    1. historic center of Angra do Heroism (***), in the Azores- Once mandatory port of call to cross the Atlantic. Having left heavily damaged Earthquake 1980, He underwent an intensive restoration process. Points of interest: Forts of São Sebastião and São João Baptista, Sé Catedral, Convent of Saint Mary and Old Square.
    2. Convent of Christ in Tomar (*****). Monument built in the twelfth century by the Knights Templar in full motion Reconquista. It is one of the most famous monuments and mysterious and important of Portugal, highlighted with art repository for the Romanesque, Manueline and Renaissance come together in this timeless bastion. Headquarters of the mysterious Knights Templar and later, in a continuation of the Order of Christ, finalize itself a beauty and mystery inexorable.
    3. 3. Monastery of Santa Maria da Batalha (*****). Gothic and Manueline style, the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, known as Monastery of Batalha, It is a majestic building. Your real cloister is an architectural masterpiece. It was erected to commemorate the Battle of Aljubarrota in that 1385, guaranteed the independence of Portugal kingdom.

  1. Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower in Lisbon (*****). One of the most famous sets. The monastery was built in the early sixteenth century and stands at the entrance of the port of Lisbon. A Torre (neighbor) of Bethlehem was erected to commemorate the expedition of Vasco de Gama to India.
  2. Historic Center of Évora. City museum with whitewashed houses of XVI - XVIII, decorated with tiles and wrought iron balconies. Lived its golden age in the fifteenth century, having arrived to be the residence of the kings of Portugal. It is Portugal's Old Town a city better preserved.
  3. Monastery of Alcobaça (****). Cistercian Gothic work-bonus, founded in the twelfth century. The simple architectural style, the great beauty of the materials and attention to detail invokes St. Bernardo de Claraval and its importance in supporting the first king of Portugal, your cousin.
  4. Cultural Landscape of Sintra (*****). romanticism, esotericism and the mists hit this magic mountain. magnificent mansion, buried in a heartwarming and overwhelming greenery in the mountains, parks and gardens that were the inspiration for the European landscape art and palace, another time, He served as a convent and which can identify a mixture of Gothic elements, Egyptians, Moorish and Renaissance.
  5. historic center of Porto (*****). The cathedral with its Romanesque choir that exudes ancestry, the Stock Exchange Palace building which has the exotic and magnificent Arab Hall your pearl, the church of Santa Clara and the charm that grant you your location - under protection of Fernandinas walls (that surrounded the city in the fourteenth century) and in full view of the Douro. Its monumental bridges iron "eiffelianas", to rub shoulders and even surpass the Eiffel Tower, for its character and dynamic utility, the unforgettable church and tower Clérigos, its river with magnificent river Douro make Oporto one of the most visited cities in Europe.
  6. Rock Art Sites Prehistoric the Coa Valley and Siega Verde (*****). They are considered the set of Paleolithic rock art to the most important outdoor world.
  7. Laurel Forest of Madeira (*****). Most of the remaining forests of this type of laurel trees, occupying an area of ​​about de150 square kilometers. 90% It is covered by primary forest ecosystem.
  8. 11. Historic Centre of Guimarães (***). Dominated by a majestic castle, Guimarães has known "age". It went from medieval town to modern city without losing a hint of its charm and authenticity, thanks to the careful preservation of streets and buildings.
  9. wine region of Alto Douro (****). The long wine tradition of the region gives the landscape a unique beauty. The vineyards continue to be exploited by farmers who still respect traditional farming techniques from which is extracted one of the best wines in the world.
  10. wine landscape of the Pico Island (****). 987 hectares of vineyards in what is the second island in size of the Azores. Your ex-libris are the small walled plots where the vines are grown on black lava floor. Particular houses, solar nineteenth century, wineries, churches and sea ports make it special.
  11. Garrison Border Town of Elvas and its Fortifications (****). Fortifications dating from a century old. It's the biggest, and best preserved, system of ramparts and dry moats in the world, whereas inside the enclosure there are military buildings, churches and monasteries.
  12. University of Coimbra - Alta and Sofia (****). Situated on top of the hill that presides over the city, It has over 700 years of service. Highlights include the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, various schools of the sixteenth century, the Royal Palace of the Alcazaba, the Baroque library and the great "fascist university town.

The last was heritage listed in 2013, a High and University of Sofia Rua de Coimbra, the joy was huge because we are also of this city and this award was long desired and because the latter are sometimes the first.
For those Portuguese who belittle the value of our heritage in relation to other countries of great monumental value to Spain, France or Italy, is the ratio of the area Country / number of sites rated (2009)…e surpresa! Here's proof that they are wrong. But the friend know that this is only one criterion, others can be followed, favoring or disfavoring us us. But I want to put here also other tourist beaches values ​​as, miradouros, gastronomy, museums, handicraft, historic villages, prices ...?

List of the most visited European countries ranked turisticamente with our subjective ratio.
Area Country (km2
)/ Number of units world heritage
1- Czech Republic- 78.866/12=6572
2-Italy 301.230/43 = 7005
3-Portugal- 92.391/13=7107
4-Greece 131,990 / 17 = 7764
5- UK 244820/27 = 9067
6- Austria-83.858/8 =10482
7- Alemanha-357.050/33 = 10820
8-Espanha-504.030/40 = 12601
9-France 547 028= 16577
10-Poland 312.679/12 = 26057
11-Sweden 449.964 /14= 32140

It is relevant at the level we are Italy and ahead of Greece, France, Spain, UK .... grata surpresa!

Mosteiro da Batalha-Património Mundial da Humanidade

Monastery of Batalha, Heritage of Humanity

Here is the list of World Heritage UNESCO in Portugal simplified:

Already familiar with these 15 local? What other places would you like to see included in this list?
Boa Viagem!

6 Comments 15 Sí-uncles or sets of Portugal classified as World Heritage (UNESCO)-These are the true wonders of Portugal

  1. Marco Ferreira says:

    I confess that abroad visited few sites classified as World Heritage. However it is absolutely incomprehensible to me that Portugal has not yet proposed for classification 3 sites, indeed not even comment on the possibility of such turn out to be done in the future. The following sites are: – (1) The historic villages of Portugal (excluding Almeida, it should have been classified together with Valencia and Elvas and Marvão, excluding Piódão, I would have a prominent place in another place); (2) The shale villages and ingenious farming systems associated. (Here yes including Piodão), As for me these landscapes are even more remarkable than the Alto Douro Vineyard. And contain the same terraced, include a set of absolutely picturesque villages and the whole system had to be assembled much more ingenious way because it was necessary to ensure the irrigation of these spaces through a complex system of mines, puddles, channels carried and. Too bad so much is lost, but there would still be time and space to recover much. (3) volcanic lakes of the Azores. unparalleled beauty of spaces in the Universe…
    I thank a comment,
    Marco Ferreira

    • Castile says:

      Dear Marco your proposal is relevant and worth a long review here.
      1-I was one of the technicians at the origin of the ten historic villages of Portugal (central region) and Piódão that was technically not chosen by us, but for political reasons this village came on Castle Good. I argue vigorously that this set is to be classified as a World Heritage Site, however not part of the published indicative list in May 2016 that subsistiu to previous 2004 and as such in the next decade this set is not rated.
      2- Elvas The fortifications are a unique heritage, the size and military structure which includes the medieval Muslim and fences. However the bulwark Fortresses are part of this indicative list.
      3- The Shale villages also know well, to be associated with Gois, They are effectively a remarkable heritage, but which nevertheless needs to greatly improve its landscape, because its biodiversity is currently very poor, excluding Mata Margaraça and riparian corridors.
      4-The lagoons are really an extraordinary geological heritage, especially of Flores Island and can be subject to such classification. Marco great idea; you may want to compare with other volcanic lagoons of other world archipelagos. A hug Castile

      • Marco Ferreira says:

        Thanks for the comment Castile. A quick observation allows to realize that there are several classified volcanic landscapes (Jeju Island; and Teide National Park are the most parcidos sites with what we have in the Azores). Possibly, (and geology and volcanology are not my specialty) the geological point of view these sites will be more valuable to Humanity. Making an analysis encompassing all factors (scenic beauty; important to understand the history of the earth; fauna; flora; cultural wealth, I think we can go around the world and find nothing more valuable… a hug, Marco

        • Castile says:

          Yes, a very relevant comment on the Volcanic Lakes of the Azores and to the quote in the article. Hug

  2. Marco Ferreira says:

    Still on the subject of the potential of Portuguese heritage, pity that it has not decided to close the cement and quarries esventram Arrábida. If this had been decided, I believe that only this gesture, symbolizing the preservation of nature against the designated “progress” It would have been enough for that Sierra had been classified. So it would make sense. It would be the only cement classified as World heritage around the world…

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