Praia do Amado (Aljezur) (***)- Who would not be enamored by such paradise?

The most beautiful European beaches are in Costa Portuguese Vincentian, more properly the set of beaches between high cliffs of extraordinary geology belonging to the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Alzejur. Two examples have been exhibited here: the beaches of Mulberry e da Bordeira / Carrapateira (***).
It is south of the latter and passing the remarkable Depth of Carrickfergus (***), that was one of the candidate 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal we find Loved the beach.
A geology of Loved the beach is very rich with yellow Jurassic limestone north, gradually continuing south to the Red Sandstone of Silves, rocks that are a result of the opening of the Atlantic Ocean (and that for personal reasons tell us much), modeled through the shale and confining the beach at the south end, find themselves volcanic rocks, namely the doleritos. A real treat for lovers of geology; moreover, this beach is on the whole a remarkable geomonumento with their sedimentary rocks (limestone and sandstone), metamorphic (schist) and volcanic (doleritos).
Surf at Praia do Amado
Having regard to the characteristics of the waves and the prevailing winds, this beach offers exceptional conditions for surfing. And it's beautiful to see people, of all ages surfboard in hand since the neophytes (as we) to some of the best international surfers. Yes, because here, as well as on adjacent beaches sometimes have the impression that is more people from Northern Europe than properly Portuguese, what does not testify much to our liking ... but that is still well assim.Existem surfing and body boarding schools for beginners throughout the year.

For its sandy secluded and quiet, by its yellow cliffs, Red, gray and black differentiated erosion, for its fauna and flora, Loved the beach is of extreme natural beauty.

Access to this beach can be done by two local, north from the Beach Bordeira, coursing south through the wonderful calcaria cliff that is the Depth of Carrickfergus, on dirt road with about 0,5 Km. The other gives access to the south of Carrickfergus,and 2km far from the beach.
Sheltered south is the wonderful beach Murração (***) already belongs to the municipality of Vila do Bispo. Anyway here we are unwavering in Portugal notable admirers of these natural pearls that are the beaches of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park (****).
Let's read to finish the text published in Rita Carvalho DN on Praia do Amado.
"Young Surfers, old, Portuguese, foreign, more or less like to walk onto the board. Here everyone looking to enjoy the great waves, landscape or relaxed and serene. But this magnificent beach of Aljezur municipality is not unique to know that catching waves. Despite being one of the most popular spots for surfing, and received several national and international competitions, Beloved in many small schools teach athletes to take their first steps into water. This is a different Algarve. Where leave is still synonymous with tranquility, Snacks beachfront and slipper on the foot. And where not lose hours to park the car nor waste entire evenings looking for a table for dinner. If you are looking for cheap holidays and close to beautiful beaches like this, the Carrickfergus can be a good option. The added value of installing there is that, beyond the Beloved, There are a number of other beaches, of which never leave cheated ".1

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