Beaches on the Island of Fuseta (Olhão) reopen after two months

A is opening Ilha da Fuseta, no Ria Formosa Natural Park, is good news for the Algarve and the local economy, already beginning to be affected.
A Praia da Ilha da Fuseta, Algarve, Today starts the summer season, after two months ban from the effects of bad weather occurred in Last winter, informed the Ministry of Environment.
The strong waves and tides experienced in the winter months destroyed dozens of homes on the island and led to the demolition of buildings and emergency intervention, by the Ministry of Environment.

'Under this first intervention, proceeded to the demolition of houses, rubble removal and cleaning of the beach and the estuary bed and then sealing the bar open by the temporal and the strengthening of the dunes in the beach area more fragile », explained the ministry, a statement sent to newsrooms.
The protection of the environment was also informed that construction of a new ferry pier, renewed access to the bathing area and two beach facilities with temporary features, which will be replaced by permanent structures after the bathing season.
"This intervention has become necessary to enable use in beach safety conditions and continued economic and nautical activities on the island», indicated.
The ministry overseen by Dulce Bird adds that, after this first intervention, opens a new toolbar, already running, in the Rabbit Hole site, the source channel Fuseta ".
Source: Digital Diary

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