Beaches of Vila Real de Santo António, Monte Gordo, Green, Height, Lota and Manta Rota (Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António) (**)

Half of my soul is made of salty air.
Sophia de Mello Breyner , Atlantic, p. 9
The Algarve, not denying the alarvidades committed in the name of tourism that allowed the enrichment (i)licit many "wild duck", contrary to what many pseudo-intellectuals proclaim (is to see them in their houses escondindinhas, in recondite falésiasinhas) still has pieces of eden. This is a gigantic golden sandy beach with warm, calm waters, about 12 km long, that extends from the estuary of the Guadiana river to the Ria Formosa in Cacela-a-Velha (***).
I love the ocean, I love the beach, after 17 hours; that huge ocean, what else is next to the definition of a good God - Joy, freedom, rest, abundance, freshener, but very especially the rebirth of the human soul after a dive. This huge range of sand, the beach happens to be: Manta Rota, Burbot, Alagoa (Height), Green, Cabeço, Monte Gordo and St. Anthony, and what draws us here, are calm and safe sea, the warm temperatures, Water and air, fine and clean sand (except at the mouth of the Guadiana); what repels us, is overcrowding, urban disqualification (e humana), whose maximum exponent is Monte Gordo, although this extravagance occurs only in August and the last half of July.
Beach St. Anthony (The Foz to Rio Guadiana)
This "magic" river, which is one of the most important of the Iberian Peninsula, deserved better luck in its terminal phase last beach Portugal. The river is protected from the west by a jetty 2040 meters long, in order to guide and stabilize the entire fragile ecosystem (pinewood, marshland and beach), that extends between Vila Real de Santo António and the sea, while, keep the bar in seaworthy – the river is navigable for boats up Pomarão shallow draft. Access to the beach is tricky for cars, lousy way to a narrow road with parked cars brought the Moche; is only recommended for experienced drivers and even then it is sometimes difficult ..., if not impossible. Fortunately opened in 2007, a tourist train and the "clean path- Three feet ", departing from Vila Real de Santo António to the beach; this, despite the gentle sea and warm, presents much gravel, pebbles and debris, transported by the river which makes the stay unpleasant.

Beach of Monte Gordo
To Monte Gordo is a beautiful pine forest, which is National Forest flanking the beach, relatively well preserved and consist of a dune forest of pine gentle and refreshing with its shimmering shadows this environment, hot and arid.
To reach this wonderful beach, have to leave the car in Monte Gordo and walk at least two kilometers walk.
Monte Gordo was an old fishing village, Teves its tourist heyday in the seventies, when almost half of the Algarve hotel capacity was concentrated here. The fishing activities still exists artisanal.
Now that there is untold, with "concrete monsters", droppings and a continuous foul odor, a campsite bursting- needless to say if you have no accommodation in the locality, unable parking and thus risk losing a beach day. The nights are very lively, for example has a casino, with thousands of people wandered the streets until matins.
Green Beach
After Monte Gordo, Magnifico complex number, here and there bordered by pine forest, reaches Green Beach, surrounded by pines, with optimal conditions: a good village, a beautiful panorama of the beach, of the sea and clear bonançoso, and all this extensive beach; this rarely fills, because this is still a relatively unknown beach – a paradise waiting.

Altura Beach (Alagoa)
The beach is well treated by the various Raised walkways, that allows to observe the different dune vegetation and its aromas: the reversal, thistle-do-mar, the lamb-the-beaches, perpetual odorous sands and beautiful narcissus Sands. It is supported by a small village that has enough accommodation and an interesting nightlife.
Praia da Lota
On this beach we can still find fishing boats and their utensils, reminding us that this beach was used as lota. The beach is quieter than the Altura and Manta Rota.
Manta Rota beach
Beach that was recently remodeled and thus offers optimum conditions for vereneantes. The village is now a major tourist center and is already beginning to have an intense nightlife. Unfortunately, during the day there is always a lot of people on the sand. The dune field is also well preserved with footbridges. If you continue walking west to reach the beach which materializes the Peninsula Cacela, where is beginning the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. This coastal stretch, of the Old Cacela (***)- one of the last havens Algarve, is one of the most beautiful in Portugal.
Affordable Beach
The beaches of Cabeço-retur, Monte Gordo, Height and Manta Rota beaches are accessible (the latter had a prize this year, being considered the most accessible beaches). Accessible beaches are an initiative of the National Coordinating Committee for the European Year of People with Disabilities (CNCAEPD), and according to that committee, "Aims to make accessible the Portuguese beaches, sea ​​and river, the Disabled; make all parties to the issue of persons with disabilities and promote, especially to persons with disabilities and elderly, beaches with accessibility as a holiday destination ".
Photo Credits
The photograph is Rui Ornelas

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