Quinta dos Chestnut- A country house hotel in the UK Wonderful (Negreda-Bragança)

"I will speak of a Wonderful UK. Although many people say that there, there has always been and there will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. What it takes, to view them, is that the eyes do not lose the original virginity before reality, and the heart, after, do not hesitate. Now, I intend to show, and my all wanting deserve it, not only is there, as it is the most beautiful imaginable ".
For now I will not tell you about a Wonderful Kingdom of Miguel Torga, but simply a tourist accommodation to all outstanding securities.
Located in north-eastern, a Quinta dos Chestnut is in a prime location to explore the sights of this remarkable region.

A Quinta dos Chestnut is close to the typical village of Negreda, in the municipality of Bragança. The farm is close to the Natural Park Montesinho, the historic city of Bragança de Miranda do Douro, among many other notable points.
A Quinta do Castaneer combines rusticity single shale with contemporary design and equipment to ensure maximum comfort for guests of current form and irreverent.

A Quinta dos Chestnut has 7 double rooms with private bathrooms., sauna, jacuzzi, gym, heated outdoor pool,room observatory for observation nocurna, free wireless internet, conference rooms and all sorts of outdoor and indoor activities, among which stand out hunting, fishing, the hiking and mountainbiking.

Nowadays environmental concerns, especially the increase of the greenhouse effect, are a major problem for the sustainability of humanity itself. A Quinta dos Chestnut considering this issue adopted environmental friendly measures that aim to contribute to the environmental sustainability of the planet, through the use of systems of water use of own home (the house has a water source within), use of solar energy through solar panels and potentiation of their geographical location taking into account the maximum use of light and solar energy.
Site: www.quinta-of-castanheiros.com
Email: info@quinta-dos-castanheiros.com
Dwelling: Rua da Fonte, 1 – Negreda – Cells 5320-023 Vineyards
Such:(+351)962044060 and (+351)273989103
Fax: ( +351) 273302501
Location – GPS: N 41.71973 / In 6.95992

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