Retrospective of PORTUGAL REMARKABLE in 2014 and targets for 2015

If one fine day the dear reader solve follow the directions of this site and decide who is traveling to some sites that we indicate will be great. Personally we were happy if the Portuguese know the remarkable places in Portugal and fall in love with these. Unfortunately this was not the year we invested more in Portugal Remarkable site. Lacked time to travel, writing and the network of partnerships was less than expected, however I have pride in the work. Here are some numbers and motivated to find the size that the Noted Portugal took 2014 and the objectives we have set for 2015.

What happened 2014 (the order is relatively hierarchical).

1-Were present and organized numerous tours with great groups, all over the Country

2- Visits and tours the country:

We visited many remarkable places in our country from north to south of Portugal, making thousands of thousands of kilometers in 2014.

Having had a few days off in the spring in Alentejo (visiting various municipalities especially Elvas, Alandroal and Alter do Chão, alias was this that got a beautiful partnership) and in a few days Algarve (Aljezur); were still in Olivenza, Take, Leiria, Marinha Grande, Gois, Blackboard, Oliveira do Hospital, Condeixa, Figueira da Foz, Lamego, Penafiel, Pacos Ferreira, Port, Sintra, Lisbon, Lagos, Aveiro, Ílhavo, Piodão, Obidos, Caldas da Rainha, Take, Battle, Rio Maior, Pombal ...

3-Number of visitors to Portugal Remarkable:

We had an increase in traffic 8,2%, however, being short of 2012 where we had our best year visits. The main sources of traffic were by direct connection and the search engines Google (this mainly), Bing, Yahoo, Ask e Sapo.

4- Few original articles were published on the site in 2014; only 10. In 2013 were 16.

-It was obvious lack of time, since every day I had to move me from Coimbra, Marinha Grande and Gois and also by cibervadiagem

5-A new theme

A major improvement was the creation of a new layout. We decided it was important to also change the colors that we used previously, to something more simple and less aggressive, having chosen a color palette much more neutral and more readable.

Also readability seems to me better and faster.

Goals for 2015

The year 2014, despite the crisis, was a reasonable year for us, and although we have not achieved all the goals we set ourselves, we were close to some of them and Remarkable Portugal argues that tourism and Remarkable Heritage continues to increase. It was a year that prized the sustainability of this website we created in 2009, and today is a milestone in Portuguese blogosphere. However, for 2015 wish the stakes rise considerably, produce more and better, and above all continue to grow. Here are our goals for next year:

1-Making numerous trips with diverse groups.

2- Increase the flow of visitors to our site.

3-Publish 48 new articles and remodel 48 old articles.

4-Make our page on Facebook more active.

5-Start with social networks Tweeter and Google Plus.

6-Begin to blink to the other countries of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world

7-Translate many content to Spanish (Spanish).

8-Improve my work digital marketing, with emphasis on email marketing

9-Participation in events and conferences related tourism, entrepreneurship, art, culture and heritage.

We would like to wish all readers, people, employees and colleagues a year of 2015 full, travel and many remarkable adventures! It, of course ... with a lot of health, affections, financial breathing space, time and tranquility!

Happy 2015!

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(4) Comments

  1. Rita

    Tone want! Congratulations!! The new colors of the site are also very beautiful.

  2. Ruthia

    Castilla Friend,
    I also suffer from a lack of time and with cyberslack (I liked the expression, it will roubtá).
    I had not yet seen the new layout. Liked it. And I was very frilly there to see my World Cradle between “Best Blogs Travellers”. Thank you.
    A hug and see you soon

    1. Castile

      hello Ruthia
      Thanks for your kind words; we tried with this layout to increase readability of the blog. As for the "World Cradle" be a featured blog here is because they really deserve it.
      We'll be waiting for you in Coimbra to make such a tour traveler the secrets of Coimbra.
      Kisses and see you soon

  3. Carmen

    What’s the best way to copyright a webitse and all its contents? Copyright poetry? Please answer both questions completely:. . What’s the easiest way to make sure that if I copyright something, that it’s mine without have to copyright each article or blog individually?. . ALSO: . . I’m a poet and I want to copyright my work withou

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