Route Crime of Father Amaro in Leiria, is a fantastic idea of ​​a great classic book of Portuguese literature. The work of the council was very good just hope it does not withdraw the panels, high quality of the painter Patrick Silvia remember the Paula Rego. We had the pleasure of doing two tours with two groups of friends Alter do Chão and not forget them because the good memories are also a mainstay of realistic hope. Here's our Amelia (Miguel Rita), diligent always ahead when it comes to making other fortunate. It is also to say that Miguel, is not our Father Amaro (although having some similarities), but it is a great cicerone. This is an educational and fun way to stay to hear the historic center of Leiria.
That same day, I visited the castle, Mimo and the Museum of the Romanesque Church of St. Peter in Leiria, the glass museum in the large site in the Navy and premonitory of Nazareth.
Until we cover in Diary of Leiria 8 August 2014, bem fixe. Here's the article.
"Since June 2003 have participated in the Route of The Crime of Father Amaro 1300 people from around the country. The initiative, Mayor of Leiria, has given a new impetus to the streets and received acceptance from all participants, who appear enthusiastic about the initiative that recalls the forbidden love between Amelia and Father Amaro. Second source of the Municipality of Leiria, "The fact that people come purposely perform this route witness the ability of attraction that these initiatives have, what, advocates, justifies the commitment of the local authority, consolidated, Rest, no program "ECA 2014". "This year alone we recorded an average of almost three groups by month and by the end of the year there are already nine applications from groups across the country to do the course. Both adults participate, as children accompanying parents and youth ", added. It was the case of 44 senior Alter do Chão, Alentejo, who came yesterday to Leiria purposely to know the famous historical novel written by Eca de Queiroz. The visit could not have been more fun. What say Miguel Narciso, route guidance, to tell you that "there was a girl, Amelia, which is the age of the Amaro ", was interrupted by a lively voice that added: "A load work, therefore!”. And it was. The Portuguese controversial book, banned for many years, makes known in Leiria 1870, place where the adventures of two young lovers. The visit began at Praca Rodrigues Lobo, formerly called Plaza de S. Martin, and where the rumor started that Amaro and Amelia could live a forbidden romance. "There they are, there they are, "said one of the participants, pointing to one of thirteen canvases illustrative of the work, scattered around the old town. Passing through the street donates Arches of Mercy and the Church of Misericordia already questioned: "Still nothing happened? A bit of piri-piri?”. Not, not yet. Followed the house where Eca de Queiroz lived, where Amelia and Amaro also resided, on separate floors - "You are up even to see what will happen next", ouviu-se – , passing through sé, where the characters never appeared together because, according to one participant, "Gave very conspicuous". Finally, the sexton's house, where they hide the romantic encounters of both and which one has a privileged view of Leiria.
Visit made, someone reflected: "Today there are still many priests Amaros, not think?”. Tourists from Alter do Chao took the day to even visit the Museum of the Moving Image ( MiMo) in Leiria, the Museum of Glass in Marinha Grande and, por fim, the beach of Nazareth.
Screens a year ago on the streets
For those who have not yet attended the Route Crime of Father Amaro will also have the opportunity to do. During the Path, be interpreted thirteen canvases by artist Silvia Patricio, placed a year ago in some facades of buildings in the historic center.

Tania Palmeiro, 35 years
Did we suggest the visit and received a positive receptivity on the part of participants, so that here are two groups, one of Alter do Chão and other Silk.
I and another member of the organization had already been with other groups of the Parish Councils of Chancery and Cunheira.
Ana Maria Bóia, 80 years
Leiria already knew but did not come here there 30 years, so it is good to. The city is different, had more garden, but still beautiful. (…) On tour, also wanted to come because I like to visit to Nazareth. Reminds me of the old tours four days.
John woolly, 75 years
It's the first time I visit Leiria, had come here only in passing.
Since tours are organized in Alter do Chão, I participate in all, already last week went to Figueira da Foz.
At Nazareth've been several times.
in Diário de Leiria of 8 August 2014
By Bruna Santos

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