65 Local Notables Santarém District

65 Local Notables Santarém District

Places featured in Santarém District

-Convent of Christ (World Heritage) and other assets in Tomar

-City of Santarém

-Campinas ribatejanas

-Castle Almourol

-Sanctuary of Fatima

The District of Santarém despite the proximity of Lisbon, is not known for its tourism despite 65 units outstanding heritage are an important economic resource in the region.
The city of Santarém, despite long to see your assets undervalued, and ever since the days of Almeida Garret. In the city, to be known walk, highlight the temples built between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, which give the epithet of "Capital of the Gothic" Portuguese, and visit the Garden of Portas do Sol to target the extensive floodplain ribatejana.
The district will Santarém region that encompasses much of the Ribatejo area. To the south is the landscape of the Tagus River and the fertile fields of Wetland. Much ribatejana population live events connected to this unique Ribatejo trilogy Horse, the toiro and Campino that confirmam genuine personality.
The District of Santarém contains another artistic gem, Convent of Christ in Tomar which was classified as a World heritage 1983, Incidentally all this city, although small has a remarkable heritage, associated with the Knights Templar and Order of Christ. Another is the preciousness Templar castle Almourol, deployed on an islet in the middle of the Tagus river.
The northern district emerges in the landscape of mountain Carsa. Dominam large maciços limestones of the Natural Park of the Serra d'Aire and Lamps which, with its grottos, caves or small corners, dazzle those seeking moments of evasion in full contact with nature.
Well set this limestone landscape is still the Fatima Shrine, the largest in Portugal and one of the world's largest Christian.
This region is also important from the point of view of literary gods who were born here, José Saramago, lived, Alexandre Herculano, or important literary works take place in this territory, are the greatest examples of Travel in My Dirt Almeida Garret or some of the most important neo-realist novels or Soeiro Redol Alves Pereira Gomes.

Abrantes, Mation and Sardoal (7)
-Historic Centre of Abrantes (*)
-Abrantes Castle and respective panorama (*)
-Museum Dom Lopo de Almeida (**)
-Panels Master of Mercy Church in Abrantes (*)
-Spa Slope of Envendos (*)
-Castro de São Miguel Almond (*)
-Sixteenth-century paintings in the parish church of Sardoal (*)

Alpiarca and Chamusca (3)
-Patudos House - Museum of Alpiarca (**)
-Beach and the Village of avieira palafítica Patacão (*)
-Avieira Village Arripiado (*)

Carterton, Coruche and Salvaterra de Magos (6)

-Boat trip on the Tagus River (***)
-Cruise of Our Lady of the Afflicted in Carterton (*)
-Real Falconry Salvaterra de Magos (*)
-Chapel of the Old Royal Palace of Salvaterra de Magos (*)
-ESCAROUPIM – Avieira Village (*)
-Railway Bridge Rainha Dona Amélia (*)
-Scenery around the dams and the Agolada Monte da Barca (*)

-Archaeological sites of the Concheiros de Muge (*)

Grace Church santarem

Constancy, Junction and Vila Nova da Barquinha (4)
-Riverside town of Constance (*)
-Barquinha Park with contemporary sculpture park Almoural (*)
-Castle Almourol (***)
-Mother church of the Watchtower (*)
-National Railway Museum Trunking (*)

Ourém (5)
-Vila Velha Ourem (***)
–Palace of Count Ourem / Ourém Castle (**)
–Panorama of the Old Town Ourem (*)
–Tomb of Dom Afonso, IV Count of Ourem
-Footprints National Monument of Dinosaurs (**)
-Sanctuary of Fatima

Rio Maior (3)
-Anta-Chapel of Alcobertas (***)
-Ecomuseu Salinas de Rio Maior (**)
-Villa Romana del Rio Maior (*)

Santarém (14)
-Chapel of Our Lady of Mount (*)
-House-Museum Anselmo Braamcamp Freire (*)
-Source das Figueiras, commonly known as "Moorish Source (*)
-Church of Our Lady of Conception (It) (*)
-Viewpoint Portas do Sol (**)
-Church of Our Lady of Grace (St. Augustine) (***)
Especially rosacea of ​​flamboyant Gothic, the tomb of Pedro Alvares Cabral and the tomb of the founders (*)
– Church of S. John Alporão and the Museum Centre of Art and Archaeology (***)
-Church of Our Lady of the Assumption Marvila (**)
-Church of Santa Clara (**)
-City Market of Santarém (*)
-Monastery of S. Francisco (**)
-Monastery of Santa Maria de Almoster (**)
-Quinta Vale de Lobos, housing and farm Alexandre Herculano (*)

Tomar and Ferreira do Zêzere (12)
-Convent of Christ and Templar Castle (*****)-World Heritage
Highlighting: Charola Templar (*****), Chapter Window (****), Main Cloister (Dom João III) (***), Templar wall (**)
-Mata Seven Mountains (*)
-Pegões aqueduct (***)
-Church of St. Mary the grove (Pantheon Templar Masters) (**)
-Church of St. John the Baptist (matrix) (***), especially: portal (*), pulpit (*), sixteenth-century painting of Gregory Lopes (**)
-Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception (***)
-Chapel of St. Gregory (*)
-Convent of Santa would (*)
-Calvary Convent of San Francisco (*)
-Panorama of the Chapel of Our Lady of Mount (*)
-Municipal Museum João de Castilho (*)
-Tomar Synagogue (Jewish Museum Abraham Zacuto) (**)

Village Dornes (*)

Torres Novas and Alcanena (7)
-Grotto Almonda spring (**)
-Municipal Museum of Torres Novas or Carlos Reis (*)
-New Castle Towers (*)
-Grutas das Pages (*)
-Roman ruins of Villa Cardílio
-Polje Mira-Minde seen from the lookout on the coast of Minde (the polje also includes the territory of the municipality of Porto Mos (**)
-Eyes Water Alviela (*)

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