Sacred space of St. Peter of Vir-a-doe (Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova) (***)

4 Reasons to visit San Pedro de Vir-a-doe


It was situated in the most beautiful village in Portugal

-Being a magical and mystical place in the spiritual landscape of Portugal

-By the immense beauty of the place

-Because it is a place where you can steady the greatest achievement of the human being.

At the foot of the steep hill on which stands the Historical Village of Monsanto (***) is the Chapel of São Pedro de Vir / View-a-doe, completely isolated num sobreiros forest and surrounded by granite Colossae packs arranged chaotically-chaos here have a weird race to exist or magical reasons Homem shaped the LANDSCAPE?
Could include the location as part of the historical set, "Mistérica" ​​and odd beauty that is the Mons Sanctus – one of the most beautiful European villages. But the village is upstairs, built on top of an imposing inselberg with granite 758 meters of altitude, that declines in abrupt escarpment at about 300 m to the place now visited; down here look rapt for this impressive medieval fortress, that here, seems a magic associated with construction giants romances.
The place of St. Peter of Vir-a-doe is splendid, marked by rude and simple architecture, but unexpected, Romanesque chapel that, grove by sublime and also the huge rounded boulders that extend the monumentality of the place and its fusion between nature and the sacred.
A Igreja, what constitutes early as a place of pilgrimage and fair, Hair least since the late thirteenth century (Dinis grant letter from fair to 1308, probably consecrating an existing use), was established between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries of veneration associated with St. Peter. In 1613 It will be even a brotherhood of St. Peter. It has a rectangular plan, defined with three naves by four Ionic columns, two on each side and the apse and rectangular apses, volumetrically denounced the outside. Also very curious is the 12 rocky ledges on the south wall, some authors believe to be an ancient sundial.
On the façade a rosette framed by geometric motifs with central quatrefoil and 8 radial arcs trilobados. The north, leaning against the chapel, There are medieval graves dug in the rock.

San Pedro to come to doe (2)
Was Saint Peter of Vir-a-Doe similar to Pagan Shrine Panoias site (***)?
The bell tower defronte, very pure, in perfect arch, overshadows to large granite ball. Beside, a recess erosive, it points to the site of a hermit's cave. Over large cavities, which may be lagaretas or ablution tanks prehistoric gods.
Some of these principles are spread throughout the outcrops, some isolated other conjugated, in circular or polygonal depressions Decimetre of anthropomorphic origin, some with engraved crosses (subsequent consecration pagan subject?); others are clear gnammas, they may have been using human.
We can be in the presence of something similar to Shrine Panóias (***)? Or are simple tanks (Reu)tilizados support medieval fair? lagaretas or wine and oil will be simple?or, which seems more accurate to have had all those uses in different seasons.
In San Pedro de Vir-a-doe immense amounts of common ceramic hold up our feet dragged, likely rest of utensils used for transporting the products of stallholders, some really rough, perhaps more coeval in medieval times.

St. Peter of Vir-a-doe (Monsanto)

In many cases, This geologist, what no distinction was made by human hand what it was operated by the natural enlargement of fractures by water, "our" great sculptor!
I feel like playing the hermits, hide me in these narrow natural dens (some fond) as our Amateur anacoreta, and stay here forever away from today's foam.
The Legend of the Holy Amador, Diana and Flidías in San Pedro de Vir-a-doe
The toponym site associated with the legend of the demon child saved by St. Amador, who took refuge there in the world, and suckled with the milk doe four times a day.
In popular tradition, St. Peter is transformed into Hermit. Thus it is understood that one of the most beautiful chapels, one of the most beautiful landscapes, is dedicated to St. Peter. Is St Peter the Holy Amador?
The doe is devoted to Diana (Artémis grega), Rainha the forest, that covers every corner of the prairie, montes e vales. Diana was worshiped in temples rustic forests, like this, where hunters had to offer sacrifices.
Also associate the local Flidías. This was the Celtic Goddess of sensuality and of Senhora Forests- therefore its protective. One of its symbols is the…corça.

São pedro de Vir a Corça
The magic of St. Peter of the Vir Doe

This following text is adapted from the site of Casas do Cruzeiro (here) António friend, Marialva, once saved us from sleeping outdoors in Cidadelhe (Pinhel), but before.

This legend tells the story of Ricarda, a woman with a horrible temper. All people are afastava dela, family and friends, there was no one who could put up. The only person who looked at her with kindness was a holy man that no one knew where he came and dwelt in a cave excavated in the rock. No one knew his name but as he said he loved God and all that existed in nature, was known for Amateur. How was wise and great kindness, many were those who visited him for advice or talk to him. As payment received fresh water, bread or very exceptionally a piece of fruit. Ricarda also visited Amador but never changed his attitude. He complained of everyone, in short he was always ill with life. Tanto fez, many enemies arranged that one day had to go away. When she returned she brought with a small child, but the same anger in the heart. Predictably the one that was received with kindness Amateur. Became interested in the boy and asked him to let him baptize, but Ricarda replied crooked as usual. Also swore against children saying that the boy was weeping and that instead of friends quickly arrange hell to take him to hell. By saying these words, rose a gale, the sun disappeared behind a cloud and reddish sinister laughter were heard. A bunch of demons took the boy and at the same time the ground opened up and "swallowed" the bitter Ricarda. Amateur prayed with such faith by the demons boy dropped on top of a rock, without a single scratch. The kind man picked up the boy and treated him, enlisting the help of a doe that appeared to give milk to the boy whenever he was hungry. And the doe never missed and the boy was always growing along his friend who took a liking. Both acquired the reputation of saints and along the cave where they lived rose a chapel that is still there and is called the Chapel of St. Peter of Vir-a-doe.

Luckily this fearless traveler or reward (Here which had been twice with ringed time, silence and solitude) found himself the third time accompanied by the best hug of his life and that it lasted so long and with such perplexity that he can never forget; if it was not Diana or Flídias, near there had been so beautiful and benign deity. That is to say that the third time's the charm.
This space, with the sounds of nature, o verde, Diana, Flídias, the chaos of gigantic blocks of granite Baroque, the Romanesque chapel, tanks, gnamamas, and the shaded chaparral wonderful, invites us to introspection and to the believers in the hereafter, broadly, a single religious experience.
I close with the words of Maria Adelaide Salvado Neto rtirada that the text of Paul Pereira.
"In San Pedro Vir-a-doe endures, palpable in a way we would say, the spirit of the place, o geniu loci, that conferred this place the distinction of Sanctuary, because then you can breathe today, very densely, this sense of the Sacred. "
Bibliography: PEREIRA, Paul - Enigmas Magic Places of Portugal. Templars and Templarism. In Vol III , Circle of Readers, 2005.

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