Serralves (Port) Festa” days 5 and 6 June

I try to go to Serralves this week-end, and to top it will be free. I accept the criticism that we have been a bit away here in Portugal tour of museums and contemporary art centers. To overcome this gap later this week put an article on the Museum of Modern Art in Elvas (*).
"The seventh edition of the Serralves em Festa, presented today, Monday, no Puerto, promises to occupy the spaces and reinvent the museum during 40 hours, over 90 events and 250 moments of presentation.
O evento, which is carried out 5 and 6 June, between 8 pm Saturday and midnight Sunday, have in their programming related moments with contemporary art, music, dance, o teatro, an egg cinema photo.
To João Fernandes, director of the Museu Serralves, the highlight of programming for the seventh edition of the festival is a tribute to James Brown, feito através dos Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, which by its “intensive soul” it is “a true luxury” Serralves that offers its audience.
Also the performance of the Hot Club Jazz Orchestra was highlighted by the director of the museum: “It is our tribute to the oldest national big band, a jazz club that has lost its space, but which continues to boost your band”.
The contemporary circus again deserves a special place in 40 hours non stop Serralves up because, according to John Fernandes, filing “Shoot the Girl First”, the French company Le Nadir, represents the latest partnership with chosen by Isabel Alves Costa, “who knew how to bring the port which is best made in the world in the field of circus and puppetry”.

Collaboration with FITEI, the children's show “Pig” da Whalley Range All Stars, that is according to John Fernandes “a major British companies”, e about Project “Voucher” Madalena Victorino are the other stars of programming “Serralves em Festa”.
A “ambitious schedule” event, that according to John Fernandes brand has a date on the calendar and the unofficial opening of the annual festivities, has planned to hold 93 events, performed by over 600 artists.
“The Serralves em Festa is a party that has become a unique event combining contemporary programming and public holiday”, recognized the director of the museum, taking the opportunity to highlight the strong reception by the public, that number has increased in recent editions (last year were in about Serralves 80 thousand people)”.

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