7 Natural Wonders of Portugal

The declaration has already been made of 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, obviously I disagree with some of the choices (but do not say which), However, the contest had the huge merit promotion 21 wonders the Portuguese public, that both search wonders outside but forgets those who have at home. Islands, sea, sea ​​coast and Montanhas; Portuguese there in the present and in the future to defend what we do best, because the immense scenic beauty and biodiversity does not occupy space, but gives us all an incentive to continue to take pride in being Portuguese.

E as 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal are:
-Portinho Arrábida (Setúbal) (Category: beaches and cliff) (***)
-Lagoon of the Seven Cities (São Miguel Island, Azores) (Category: non-marine aquatic areas) (****)
-Volcanic Landscape of the Pico Island (Category: large relay) (*****)
-Laurel Forest of Madeira (Category: forests and thickets) (*****)
-Grutas de Mira de Aire (Port of grinding wheels) (Category: Caves and caverns) (***)
-Ria Formosa (Algarve) (Category: marine wetlands) (****)
-Peneda Geres National Park (Category:protected areas) (****)

In the two previous contests were chosen:
7 Wonders of Portugal (sights) (2007):
-Castle of Guimarães (*)
-Obidos Castle (**)
-Monastery of Alcobaça (****)
-Monastery of Batalha (*****)
-Jeronimos Monastery or St. Mary of Bethlehem (Lisbon) (*****)
-Tower of Belem (****)
-National Palace of Pena (Sintra) (****)

7 Wonders of Portuguese origin in the world (2009):
-Fortress of Diu (India).
-Fortress Mazagão (Morocco)
-Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa (India)
-Old Town of Santiago (Cabo Verde)
-St. Paul's Church (Macau) (China)
-Church of St. Francis of Penance (Ouro Preto) (Brazil)
-Church of St. Francis and the Third Order (São Salvador da Baia) (Brazil)

Still in Portugal Remarkable listing have been made on:
21 Natural Wonders
27 Wonders of Portuguese Origin
-77 Preselected Wonders (Natural)
-77 Preselected Wonders (sights)

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