66 Units notável with heritage value of the tourist district of Setúbal


We always love to go back to where we were happy, even though we know that positive emotions that marked us will not be repeated. Does this forceful statement is not without reason when turisticamente visit the district of Setúbal? Not, the proposition has no reason for anyone visiting this district, because here always finds reasons to feel good.
Who knows the Natural Park of the Capuchin Convent, it will forever be enamored, by mountainous beauty, dazzling landscape, unique vegetation, geology imposing, beaches anichadas abruptly in limestone ridge of the Capuchin Convent Natural Park, the best landscape, Here softer and fresh, the Mediterranean coast that arises here is not known very well and as far as the Mare Nostrum.
Also here are three other parks and they deserve our affection: The Natural Parks of the Tagus and Sado or the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vincentian.
Who loves beaches and coastline here has some of the most beautiful stretches of our coast: Meco Beach, Cape Espichel, cliffs of the Sierra Risk, Beach portinho Arrábida (one of the natural wonders of Portugal that deserves more attention from us due to lack of sand that is being targeted), beaches of Troy, It involves, Peach Island ... finally, not to be suited to the reader pleonásticos friend read our list.
But it is also a region with a rich heritage built as the Roman ruins of Troy or Miróbriga, or the many valuable monuments in the city of Setúbal or in Alcacer do Sal.
And what about the cuisine with its fresh goldfish, to taste succulent and cry for more or not there so close the fishing port of Setúbal and Sesimbra. Losing is not the stews of fish or seafood and fried sardines with tomato sauce. And Azeitão cheese and wine from the Setúbal Peninsula, whose quality is certified, may bear 3 designations, DOC Setúbal, QWPSR Palmela, and Regional Terras do Sado and his Moscatel ... Anyway is a region that everyone should know promptly, here's a list of their notable sights, but first here's the excellent documentary that relates Sebastião da Gama with our Sierra Madre.

Notable Places of Setúbal (66)
Alcacer do Sal (8)
-Castle Alcacer do Sal and other archaeological ruins (*)
-Archeological Crypt of Alcacer do Sal Castle (**)
-Sanctuary of the Martyrs (Alcacer do Sal) (*)
-Church of St. Anthony Convent and Chapel of the Eleven Thousand Virgins (Alcacer do Sal) (*)
-Municipal Museum Pedro Nunes in the church of the Holy Spirit with the Manueline window (Alcacer do Sal) (*)
Villa Romana St Catherine of Sítimos (*)
-Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary (sharing with Setubal, Sines and Palmela) (***)
-Berth Palafítico the Carrasqueira (**)
Many Alcochete and Montijo
-Church of Alcochete highlighting your rosacea (*)
-Natural Reserve of the Tagus Estuary (also includes Seixal and Alamada) (***)
-Sheet set Herdade da Barroca d'Alva (which include the Hermitage Valley of St. Anthony d'USSA) (*)
-Rota of salt production in Alcochete (*)
-Riverside walks along the banks of the Tagus River (*)
-Tide Mill Pier (*)
Almada and Seixal (8)
-Peace Park (Almada) (*)
-Garden in the house fence (*)
-Panorama of Christ the King (**)
-Panorama of the Convent of Capuchos (*)
-Protected from Fossil Cliff of Costa da Caparica and Forest of Fears (**)
-Beach Fountain of tile (**)
-Beaches of Costa da Caparica (*)
-Tide Mill Tide Mill Amora (*)
Grândola (4)
-Trojan Roman Station (***)
-Beaches of the Troia Peninsula (***)
-Natural Reserve of Sado (***) with Herdade da Holds (***)
-Extensive set of Beaches of Sines (It involves, Carvalhal, Praia do Pego, Galley, Open and New Melides)
Palmela (4)
-Caves of Quinta do Anjo (graves calcolíticas) (*)
-Palmela Castle with its panorama (***)
-Panorama Chibana and settlement of the Serra do Louro (**)
-Windmills Windmills Living Center (*)
Santiago de Cacém (4)
-Roman ruins of the city of Miróbriga (***)
-Castle and Church of Santiago hunt Santiago (**)
-Lagoa de Santo André (*)
-Range of continuous beaches (Santo André, Source Cortiço, Monte Velho and White Sands) (**)
Sesimbra (9)
-Castle of Sesimbra and its landscape (***)
-Cape Espichel, Set Shrine of Our Lady of Stone Mua and dinosaur footprints – (inserted in the Capuchin Convent Natural Park) (***)
-Lapa Tobacco (Conditional access, played by monitoring) and is inserted in the Capuchin Convent Natural Park (**)
-Urban Beach Sesimbra (Gold and California) (*)
-Chapel of the Holy Spirit of the Seafarers with the sixteenth-century painting of Our Lady of Mercy (*)
-Gruta to Zambujal (not be visited and inserted in the Capuchin Convent Natural Park (**)
-Footprints of dinosaurs from the beach of Lagosteiros (The Capuchin Convent Natural Park) (**)
-Meco beach or Low Mill and Spouts (**)
-Lagoa de Albufeira (*)

Setúbal (16)
-Church and Monastery of Jesus in Setúbal (***)
-with the sixteenth-century painting gallery at the Monastery of Jesus (**)
-Fortress of Sao Filipe (Historical Inn) with its panorama of the Bay of Setúbal (**)
-Manueline portal of St. Julien Church in the city of Setúbal (*)
-Fort Santiago Outão (*)
-Renaissance Farm of Bacalhoa (***)
-Renaissance palace of Quinta das Torres (*)
-Work Museum Michel Giacometti in the city of Setúbal (*)
-Caves of José Maria da Fonseca Azeitao (*)
The Capuchin Convent Natural Park (*****)
-Beach Portinho Arrábida and Galapagos (****)
-Beach Figueirinha (**)
-Integral Reserve Areas, as the Lonely Forest, Vidal Mata and Mata Covered (****)
-Panorama Road Street Arrábida (***)
-Convent of Our Lady of Arrábida (**)
-Ruins of Roman Creiro (*)
-Gruta da Lapa de Santa Margarida (*)
Sines (7)
Chapel of Our Lady of Saved or Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Salas (*)
-Museum of Sines and Vasco da Gama at the Castle highlighting the Treasury Gaius (**)
-Beach and Peach Island (***)
-Of St.Torpes Beach (**)
-Beaches of Porto Covo (**)
-Beaches in Figueiros Valley or Vierinha (***)
-Beach Morgavel (**)

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