Welcome to Tourism of Portugal - A space where you will find the locations of Notables Portugal, with their descriptions, tidings, travel and accommodation kits. Only here will indicate unquestionable quality local, at least for us, whose basic unit is the "county", as tourist infrastructure. Our objectives are:
– Being a cultural tour guide, with accurate texts and quality, but given that it is mere information without any scientific claims (something wrong or incomplete news grateful to inform me by email – because the posts are never definitive and are always in remodeling – and "Deliver me Lord" the autobiographical hindrance!).
– Disclose and describe the remarkable sites of the Portuguese homeland, so that the traveler has here "The Book of Love and Devotion of Portugal", as Raul writes in the introduction to the extraordinary work that is Guide to Portugal (1924) – and that was the alma mater to be here; limit ourselves because to replace the word for book blog.
– Make known some problems, occasional or a large one, affecting these locations.
– Promote learning, reflection and feelings of beauty associated with the sites described.
– After the trip to the site (because only describe the places I've been), and write and read about it, intend to travel again.
– Also for me it is a pilgrimage methodology for Portugal, a way to acquire knowledge and carve my writing.
– I write to forget the pains of existence -the suffering (useless or inevitable), boredom, ignorance and the memory of our extinction.
– Por fim, plan to achieve the ultimate desire of every ambitious travelers, namely, capture in me the spirit of place and this sounds cliché, but it is not, at least for me.
Boa Viagem and Be Happy!

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