Which the aggregator engine trips to choose your ride, gaining, time, money and comfort?

Sometimes the hardest part of the trip schedule in Portugal, is to find accommodation. Want to visit a remarkable place of Portugal and want to find the best accommodation at the best price? One of the options you have is to use search engines the trivago (http://www.trivago.pt), where you will find all the necessary information to find the best hotel at the best price. Do not waste time when visiting the remarkable places in Portugal we recommend you.

The Portugal Remarkable talks about?

Notable places Portugal, and other various topics related to travel in our Country animation and cultural dissemination of our country. We intend to have the best texts on the internet about the sites concerned, bearing in mind that none of these articles has any scientifically oriented. Whenever possible try to simplify it as much as possible. Articles appear on castles, churches, thermal, beaches, miradouros, natural areas, quality accommodation and whatever else you may do so to improve their travel to Portugal.

The Remarkable performs Portugal travel tourism?

Yes, premise by our travelers have to know the culture of a region and its notable local spaces. As we all merit to travel, we are prepared for senior tourism and for people with reduced mobility, Rita conducted by Miguel, actress, licensed in the Superior School of Theatre and Film Cascais and that was over many exciting years of cultural tourism in Inatel Foundation (See the facebook and Carlos Castilla, Professor of Geology and Biology, in cultural tourism expert and geotourism, perhaps the real José Hermano Saraiva of decent, upgraded to the present times (I'm kidding); behold your facebook,

Turismo de Portugal makes consulting services?

Not being specialized in any of the issues addressed here (except geomonuments and Hydrotherapy), decided to offer consulting services in the area of Tourism Promotion Services Online (development of housing and blogs with own domain, cultural tourist routes, construction of articles to blogs, …). I repeat, despite being only Professor of Geology and Biology, know enough to greatly improve your business. Contacte-nos! How can you have a website or blog tour with own hosting and domain? If you want a site catering, restaurant, Tour guide, blog profissional, issues related with tourism or other, contact me by email (portugalnotavel@hotmail.com).

That platform or use Turismo de Portugal?

This space held in WordPress. We also have another blog www.quentalbiologico.com tips on organic farming and healthy eating.

Who designed this space?

The theme was originally acquired the company StudioPress, and run by Brian Gardner, and later modified by totally Me. Tenho had all the technical support of computer Joel Correia (accommodation, webdesign, programming, information processing ...). If you have great urgency and need for professionalism, contact us and ask for a quote for the service you want.

How can you get links of Tourism of Portugal in your blog?

I always try to link to other blogs when items are quality and on the issues that I cover. If perchance you have written a text of great quality that can serve as reference to an article of mine, can link the will to Tourism of Portugal.

We accept exchange links or banners?

Every week I get contacts to exchange links and banners for blogs, but only intend to put links related to travel and tourism that have quality; this includes hospitality, restoration, blogs, portals…Normally my partnerships do not involve any monetary exchange, however I can sell advertising and links, so if you are interested in having a link or ad on the blog, should contact me by email (portugalnotavel@hotmail.com)

Tourism of Portugal accepts-Guest Posts (Articles guest)?

This blog accepts Guest Posts. However we are demanding with the writing and the quality of content. If you think you have the power to write a quality article for readers of this blog, contacte-me.

I can help you?

Since that time tenha, I will be at your disposal.

You can place a link to my blog when you leave a comment?

This is a pertinent question, and that actually has a simple answer: Yes, indirectly and fizer part of the top of 10 most commentators quality will have a link in the sidebar side. Thus advertises your blog and avoids filling the comment spam.

Can I copy articles from Turismo de Portugal and use them freely?

First there is no great advantage to fully copy an entire content of this blog, because Google will certainly consider it as a duplicate article, and will hopelessly to rank below the Turismo de Portugal. According to, possible to extract texts directly, but if you are traveling or need some of these items, just contact me and ask for the texts in question, with a very simple reason. Whether to put the text in a blog would like to put a link to our site.

How can I make suggestions or criticisms to blog?

The best place to make suggestions, criticism or hints to the Tourism of Portugal, is contacting us by email or through the comments box, provided it is done politely.

How long have blogs Desk?

Blogs seriously and aim to disseminate Portugal, from 2005.

omo classify the remarkable local?

The locations / sets are classified according to aesthetic criteria, art, natural and historic set by me, and are therefore subjective, arising from my knowledge and my sensitivity.

Notable locations described have the following classification:

Remarkable (*) Very Remarkable (***) Valor Universal (*****) Entry in the list of counties so will the reference to other places with tourist interest, undoubtedly interesting spaces but does not deserve our attention, however if the traveler have some time, do not ignore them. Many people wish that some of these sites were worthy of being "notable", but the choice, correct or misguided, is my end point and! Despite this, convince me or if I discover new facts, I am flexible enough to change the value that assigns.

Boa Viagem!

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