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Welcome to Tourism of Portugal - A space where you will find the locations of Notables Portugal, with their descriptions, tidings, travel and accommodation kits. As we will indicate the unquestionable quality local, at least for us, whose basic unit is the "county", as tourist infrastructure.
My name is Carlos Castilla, in addition to being a professor and geologist, since I know, I read, travel and "I collect" interesting people, the only way to feel constantly evolving.
Live in Cities Coimbra and Oliveira do Hospital and I teach in the village of Gois no center Portugal. This site was born in January 2010, but has long fed the www.lusitanianotavel.canalblog.com which is to be deactivated.
Every month this space will be updated with about 20 a 30 Articles.
Values ​​and hobbies?
-Values: Wisdom, Goodness, Work, Joy, Beauty, Bereavement, Affection, Courage.
– Hobbies: In addition to the largest, like alternative rock music, classical, read (are favorites the great classics: Iliad, Odyssey, Don Quixote ... and many other 1001 passions ...), good movies, sleep, eat, sports especially basketball, gatherings, finally ... a multitude of pleasures).

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  1. Thank you – I have enjoyed your website and have linked to mine. I have recently been in Portugal, in the Alentejo, and loved it, as always.

  2. Very interesting and congratulations on your work. I search the sacred feminine in our territory and its site is very inspiring. If you send me your address, I will be happy to offer you my book on the subject.
    Best regards,

    Luiza Frazão

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