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The Remarkable Portugal, will have appeared sometime in the year of 1998, when I suddenly found myself with two afternoons free a week when I was teaching in Pinhel and that I would have to enjoy them by taking a leisurely stroll with a book, I walked and mapped with some method so many fantastic places like for example Cidadelhe, the sidewalk of Alpajares, the river Águeda with the fort of the Arribas de Santo André… Previously he had worked in Hydrogeology, at the University of Aveiro and even in built and landscaped heritage linked, for example, to the Historical Villages of Portugal, with a degree and a master's degree in Geology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Coimbra.

A question was asked this year, why not divulge how much I've known and studied people?

First I launched a blog, the Lusitânia Remarkable, which then moved to the platform where you are. Even later I took an MBA in Management of Culture and Tourism Industries.

I can't forget the many friends too, a good part of them specialists in the different areas of Heritage who accompanied me through these “fields and hills” and conversations throughout this time. A special word of thanks to Helena Duarte who for many years and still today, sometimes, accompanies me in my "recognitions" and who had the patience of Job, when I was for hours dissecting a meager record.

But in reality this project only appeared in a comprehensive way and began to take our friends and travelers to unique and unknown places in Portugal, when, seven years ago, Rita Miguel joined this project, who with her dynamism, joy, affection and its always curious culture and having as training the Superior School of Theater and Cinema, with immense cultural activity and for having been an entertainer and tourist guide at the INATEL foundation, she came to print a new direction for our Remarkable Portugal. Alea jacta est.

As long as this project makes us feel happy, we will continue to make unusual places known to travelers, to make friends, to participate in copious agapes, laughing a lot and always keeping to strict schedules and safely.

Remarkable sites should be appreciated slowly., meditation and feeling all its importance, sometimes with a beauty that borders on the Stendhal syndrome to make us feel and grasp the positive side of each of our lives..

I end with our motto taken from the phrase in the “Book of the King's Counsels Dom Duarte” (1391-1438), which is buried in the Imperfect Chapels in the Monastery of Batalha (*****) and used as an epigraph in the literary work of the “Essay Sobre a Cegueira” by José Saramago, «If You Can Look, This. If You Can See, Repair".

Carlos Castela

Values ​​and hobbies?
-Values: Wisdom, Goodness, Work, Joy, Beauty, Bereavement, Affection, Courage.
– Hobbies: In addition to the largest, like alternative rock music, classical, read (are favorites the great classics: Iliad, Odyssey, Don Quixote ... and many other 1001 passions ...), good movies, sleep, eat, sports especially basketball, gatherings, finally ... a multitude of pleasures).

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