Solar Chacim a magnificent tourist accommodation in UK Wonderful Transmontano

The Solar Chacim sunny nineteenth century building is now transformed into a perfect getaway to experience perfect moments in your visit to the heart of Tras-os-Montes, ancestral and genuine region, away from the bustle of the coastal metropolises or you can simply relax and dating.
The Solar Chacim is located near the Serra de Bornes (*) in the county Macedo de Cavaleiros.
The John and his wife show him so friendly and the best places to explore the region. And we propose to those who are already in a visit to read the Carnival of Caretos Podence with accommodation in this former rural home wealthy family.
The magnificent space tourism has 6 rooms with private bathroom and central heating and direct dial telephone. A bar, game room, pool, tennis court and garden.

Rooms, the library and the dining and living rooms take up the entire first floor. On the ground floor are the winery, the bar and games room. Meals on request.
When low and according to the recommendations of John that captured the feel good energy of transmontanas people and feel your soul reborn. There are still places like!
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GPS: N 41 º 28′ 8,39”, 6 º W 53′ 57,93”
“I will speak from a UK Wonderful. Although many people say that there, there has always been and there will be wonderful kingdoms in this world. What it takes, to view them, is that the eyes do not lose the original virginity before reality, and the heart, after, do not hesitate. Now, I intend to show, and my all wanting deserve it, not only is there, as it is the most beautiful imaginable ".
Miguel Torga, in Portugal

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