Solar dos Távoras in Souro Pires (Pinhel) (*)-One of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred

Solar dos Távoras

The beautiful Solar dos Távoras discover that ruined, was built between the late fifteenth century and the beginning of the sixteenth century, the behest of Tavora family that is linked to the history of the town of Souro Pires since its inception, being assigned its foundation Soeiro Peres Tavora.
The Solar dos Távoras Have rectangular, facades arranged symmetrically, and the assembly further includes a separate chapel, square. The main facade is bounded laterally by two towers, being the smallest central body with two floors of the towers and the sector with three.
Solar dos Távoras is an architectural stylistic blending with feudal elements and rebirth
The medieval military architecture led to the stately mansions tower, simultaneously as part of the defense and housing, that with advances in pirobalística in the sixteenth century lost their primitive functions, becoming a sign of importance, noble lineage and power of the family possessed.

Solar dos Távoras

The principles of wise Renaissance architecture reach the solar from the sixteenth century based on the work of Andrea Palladio and Sebastiano Serlio, not of solar Távoras is materialized in its four windows, worked into beautiful wreaths with plant motifs and marble mullioned.

Large and regular walls and the small number of openings are characteristic of the Middle Ages, but the treatment of these openings is now typically Renaissance. So manor of Távoras in Souro Pires is a rare case of stylistic hybridity transition from feudal warrior style to Renaissance scholar.
On the left side elevational, there is a portal on the perfect arc, access to the inner courtyard of the house, and the building of the chapel of Our Lady of Hope, the private temple of the solar plant has square and arched portal. The whole lot is stripped.
Despite his sobriety and ruin, is one of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred.
The building is also evocative of tragedy of Távoras, because it belonged to them and most likely from that date declined.
SOS for Heritage Solar beautiful of Távoras
The building deserves to be recovered with enough urgency because it is in dire state. Already missing the deck on the second floor and the upper floor has lost ground and most of the coverage. What to do to save the monument?
How about we begin by removing the recycling center leaning against the facade?
Photography taken from the site of the National Monuments, because the recycling center would not let us take a minimally acceptable photography, but hassle!

13 Comments Solar dos Távoras in Souro Pires (Pinhel) (*)-One of the most beautiful palaces of the century Portuguese five hundred

  1. Alexandre says:

    …is a beautiful architectural piece! the proportions are perfect live.

  2. Joao Augusto says:

    Should be the most beautiful specimen of a solar throughout the Portuguese territory!! Magnificent!! An incredible beauty… Shame really, there is a recycling center leaning against the facade of the house! An attack of the responsibility of the Parish Council…

  3. Daisy says:

    Sou resident in this beautiful and at the same time poor Village ,beautiful, it offers an extraordinary view ,poor, because our heritage is in the state it is(unfortunately), I can say that in my childhood I remember seeing tourists visit my land which magnified much the entire population,but today,ask!!!!is it worth to go there???thought this common visitors also!!!!(it's all the same ,nothing was recovered!!!).Do not just take the historic heritage that was part of our history, is necessary to recover,preserve,for the history of our people to continue….

  4. António Macedo says:

    Spent in Souro Pires during a stroll through Beira and this monument is actually incredibly beautiful ... The sun live is more beautiful than the photos I had ever seen!
    Congratulations to the village of Souro Pires, By so beautiful manor medieval architecture.

  5. Helder Baptista says:

    Who had the bright idea of ​​putting a recycling center on the side of the monument should be punished. Perfectly demonstrates the mental incapacity of municipal leaders who spoil the heritage and can not promote what is.
    But someone remembers to put in Lisbon pasted the Castelo de Sao Jorge dos Jeronimos Monastery or recycling center???

  6. Monica Figueira says:

    Simply it's all true what teem been saying about the solar Távoras of souropires,I was living in this village until my 8 years,growth,I have a lot of friends and family out there.
    But I find it hard to see them disappear monomentos maise and not appreciating what we have.
    What most unworthy and have money to do that yellow construction that lies at the intersection,spend a lot of money and not reconstruct the solar daos Távoras,should think about it and not andaerm to spend money where it is not necessary.
    Thank you in the comprehension

  7. Joao Dias Mendes says:

    I was touring the Beira Alta with my family and spent by the village of Souro Pires, where I got to know this beautiful solar. Despite the poor state of the solar, can verify that it is of exceptional beauty. I know of no sun in Portugal with these characteristics, onde is conjugam aspects of solar and strength.
    Since I returned I became interested in the process of Tavora family and I think this beautiful solar should be recovered because it invokes the history of this family. Of course I agree with what has already been said. The Parish Council should have more taste and remove the recycling center side of the solar. There heritage, which aim to contribute to destroy the heritage?

  8. Luis Antonio dos Santos says:

    I grew up in this village to 12 years when it came to Lisbon trbalhar
    always known that solar abandoned, we called tall houses,I fully agree with the comments about the solar,but this time will be difficult to get money, appear unless a patron

  9. manuel bernales says:

    The plot has private owners… first you have to agree with him, or buy it if you can not give proper maintenance!

  10. Rui Pires says:

    I walked through Beira Interior during the first days of January and went through Souro Pires to meet this solar. I think it should be a single specimen of this nature throughout the Iberian Peninsula! Fabulous… With about 500 years, must be the oldest solar Portugal… Deserved rehabilitation works!

  11. Arilda Ines Miranda Ribeiro says:

    I am a historian of Education in Brazil. I did a lot about Female Education during the 18th century in Portugal and in it I quote D. Leonor de Távora and the murder of his family by the prime minister of D.Jose. I didn't know this property. It was the only one left. There are no claimed! They should make a museum of the Taboras in this place! Urgent to preserve!

    • Arilda Ines Miranda Ribeiro says:

      System errors occurred that impaired the text. I say that I published a book on Women's Education in Portugal in its XVIII.

  12. Castile says:

    Thank you Arilda for your information.

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