MENDO CASTLE (***) (Almeida), I have visited this fantastic historical village?

The description made by José Saramago in "Journey to Portugal" in 1981 Mendo Castle is very faithful: "The first stop of the day is in Castelo Mendo. Side view is a fortress, village completely enclosed by walls, with two towers at the main entrance. Vista

Almeida strong: Soothing views of the scenery (*)

Almeida strong: Soothing views of the scenery (*) Viewpoints in Portugal-Series Leaks, Number 2 "The contrast is striking between the sawmills, the north, bar the near horizon and the plateau to which they do not see the end: about him, as manchas de verdura

Stronghold of Almeida (Historical Village of Portugal) (***)

Fortaleza de Almeida

Did you know that ... Almeida Fortress is a lesson in the baroque military architecture stone is also an immense historical evocation of space and one of 12 historic villages of Portugal? This fort is one of the most monumental squares of bulwark weapons. Outras praças-fortes notáveis de

Castelo Bom (Almeida) (*)- the village that was never classified as narrowly Historical Village of Portugal, but it is nonetheless true and beautiful

"Come see a piece of history of Portugal and inlaid granite peninsula in the high Beira Interior. A lost village where you can find a story in every corner, a testimony of the past, a mark of time or culture of these people. Uma aldeia com

As 5 tourist wonders of the municipality of Almeida- Now the people are serene, once defended his blood Portugal

Sightseeing in Almeida municipality is to visit its three historic villages, is to make a thermal cure, é dar um saltito ao outro lado da fronteira para visitar o Forte Real de la Concepcion ou as gravuras de Siega Verde classificadas pela Unesco recentemente