Chapel of St. Peter (Arganil) (*)- Gothic funerary chapel early in Beira Serra

Chapel of St. Peter (Arganil) (*)- Gothic funerary chapel early in Beira Serra

The chapel of St. Peter in Arganil is a rare example of early Gothic architecture in a region far from large urban centers, even more so when this style is adding a touch of Romanesque. The austere St. Chapel … (Read more)

Painted ceilings of the Town Hall of Gois (*)-unique ceiling of the Renaissance in Portugal

The building that currently houses the Town Gois Municipality is one of the noble houses built in the seventeenth century and has notably its richly paneled ceilings painted fashion renaissance classified as Public Interest. … (Read more)

Ceira the Urban Park with the Baroque bridge in Gois (*)-The river as a backdrop

CEIRE The river is the main tourist attraction of the concelho Góis, because it still retains unpolluted water, idyllic scenery and riparian corridors with high biodiversity. The three notable places associated with Ceira River are respectively upstream to downstream: a … (Read more)

Barrow D. Luís da Silveira (Count Sortelha) (*) Igreja Matriz in de Góis

If you pass by the peaceful village of Gois should visit 3 Notable locations: Cerro of Our Lady of Friant (*), urban park in the village river Ceira (*) and this Renaissance D tomb. Luís da Silveira (Count … (Read more)

Our Lady of Cerro da Vila Nova de Candosa Ceira (Gois) (*)

4 Reasons to visit the Hill of Our Lady of Friant (Gois) 1-Because it is a river canyon associated with a geological phenomenon which has the designation of epigenia (read later its meaning) 2- It is a geomonumento … (Read more)