Pavia Dolmen Chapel or Chapel of St. Denis (Blackberry) (*)

Anta Anta Pavia Pavia located in the central square of the village was transformed into Chapel Saint Denis and is located in the municipality of Mora. It is one of 4 tapirs notable chapels Portugal. Aconselho-o a ler sobre as restantes antas capela notáveis já publicadas no

Castle Arraiolos (**)- The more circular castle Portugal

Castle Arraiolos

"Travel makes a modest person - one sees how small the place we occupy in the world." (Gustave Flaubert). This phrase so felt the celebrated author of Madame Bovary, can also be felt at the top of the Castle of Arraiolos, with this great landscape, green, serena, almost …

Roman temple in Santana do Campo (Arraiolos) (*) another puzzle on good Alentejo land and that is still spoken in the cruciform Stone Trough

After visiting the castle of Arraiolos and the convent of Lóios (*), which is currently a great hotel unit went to a small village , in the municipality of Arraiolos to observe the Roman Temple of Santana do Campo. Antes de entrar nos aspetos técnicos daquilo que

Tourist Accommodation Unit- Holiday Pilgrimage (Bud-Mora)- All the beauty of the Alentejo at our disposal

House of Pilgrimage deserve all praise what Peter and Mary reached the village of Brotas (Blackberry), By also be an example for all rural, which is in degradation by bad policy choices, a wholesome tourist practice. But …