Castle Belvis (Sparrow-hawk) (**)- It is one of 5 monuments must visit the Knights of the Order of the Hospital in Portugal

Castle Belver, situated on the right bank of the Tagus river, num granite conical hill of steep slopes, is one of the finest Romanesque castles in Portugal and one of the 5 remarkable monuments of Knights of Malta (do … (Read more)

Historic Centre of the town of Crato (*)- At the heart of the Knights Hospitaller

We confess, Noted that here in Portugal, have a especialpredilecção by peaceful Alentejo boroughs with its soothing silence and keeper recatos historical value. An example is this village of Crato, churches that still houses, manor houses and … (Read more)

Anta's Tapadão or Aldeia da Mata (Crato) (**)- A wonderful monument anichador cattle

The Anta da Aldeia da Mata or Dolmen of Tapadão, that stands out in the Alentejo countryside is a monumental granite megalithic Neolithic Period, visible to the left on the road Crato-Aldeia da Mata. Has great size and is in good condition. A … (Read more)

Praia Fluvial so Alamal no rio Tejo (Belver-Gavião) (**)

Praia Fluvial so Alamal no rio Tejo (Belver-Gavião) (**)

The Alamal the river beach is one of the most beautiful in Portugal, next género, the natural environment that surrounds. It is located on the left bank of the Tagus river, and is classified as “Affordable Beach”. Has lifeguard and marine sand … (Read more)

Cottage Covão of Abitureira in Belver (Sparrow-hawk)-A haven waiting for you on the river Tagus (Article sponsored)

The northern region of the District of Portalegre, which is bordered by the Tagus river that runs embedded here and consists of the municipalities of Nice, Crato, Alter do Chão, Hawk and Castelo de Vide, It is forgotten of tourist itineraries of Portugal, … (Read more)