Fifth Ge- A Boutique Hotel in Beira Serra

Recently visited the Quinta da Ge located in Aldeia das Dez, small town integral network of Schist Villages of Central Portugal. Despite the rainy weather and misty horrendous for travelers, understand that we are in presence of a fantastic tourist accommodation. À

Chapel of the Blacksmiths (Oliveira do Hospital) (*)- The Mystery of the Stone Knight

3 Razões para visitar a Capela dos Ferreiros1-A capela dos Ferreiros é uma das mais belas capelas góticas de Portugal 2- Tem algumas das mais importantes realizações do Mestre Pêro 3-Para conhecer uma das mais importantes estátuas equestres com um cavaleiro góticoQuem quiser ver

Palheiras Fiais of the Border (Oliveira do Hospital) (*)-and how we can not cease to exist as Country

For family reasons usually visited this fantastic scenic and ethnographic set of Palheiras of Beira Fiais belonging to the parish of Oliveira do Hospital in Oliveira do Hospital. Can not, em rigor, determine the date of construction of these threshing floors and 75 palheiras, mas talvez

Mozarabic Church of St. Peter Lourosa (Oliveira do Hospital) (**)-It is a symbol of religious tolerance bequeathed by Islamists

The church of San Pedro de Lourosa is very important, historic and architectural, being a 5 pre-existing Romanesque churches in Portugal. The rest are the Chapel of Saint Gião (Nazareth) (**) Church of San Frutos of Montélios (Braga) (**), igreja de São Pedro