Dolmen Chapel of the Lord of the Mountain (Penedono) (**)-Cults entwining Terras do Demo

When I came to the Dolmen of Mount Chapel Lord of the day was cold, cinzento and chuviscava. The desconsolação dominated the Badlands. It was the second time in the necropolis of Our Lady of Mt., local inóspito, removed from current humanity, by … (Read more)

Menhir Maria Valley Parents and anthropomorphic Graves (Penedono) (*)- This is the most beautiful menhir north of the Tagus river

Apart from Anta-chapel of Our Lady of Mt. (**), Penedono has another place of great attraction for your tour – the menhir Maria Valley Country, surrounded by anthropomorphic graves and probable sinks ablutions. The megalith … (Read more)

Castle Penedono (**)

Did you know ... Penedono Castle is a unique piece in our military architecture and is associated with Lusíadas? Castle-tower-dwelling, if encavalita on granite crags, is small, but unusually high, elegant and challenging. It is well achieved the release of the towers, … (Read more)